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From 1999 to 2001 when I first started this site and branching out, I applied to have my site reviewed by every award program I could find. Amazingly I won quite a few! I say amazing because looking back, the site’s design and many typos left a bit to be desired. But I guess for the time it was pretty good. Always made my day to receive and I got some good feedback along the way, helping me to improve.


Ever Eden Design Cool Site Award

Hello, your site was recently nominated for a Golden Apple Award. These awards are presented by Ever Eden Design, based on a variety of criteria. After reviewing your site, we'd like to present you with the following award:
"Ever Eden Design Cool Site Award"


Shadow Poetry Creativity Award

This is what your site scored as a result of our judges:

Design 23 points

Creativity/Graphics 24 points

Content 20 points

Navigation 9 points

Loading time 8 points


total points= 84

Congratulations! You have won the Shadow Poetry Creativity Award for your site.


INet Award Bronze

Hi Roemello,

Thank you for applying for the iNet Awards! I am pleased to inform you that your web site, Spiffy Entertainment, has won the iNet Bronze Award!


You have quite an eclectic mix of interesting subject matter and fun activities for folks of all ages ... quite deserving of the name "Spiffy

Entertainment." Your writing style is one of someone who really enjoys what he's doing. Your content is fun as well as educational. Your site's

navigation is effortless, making it even easier to access the wealth of material you have provided. A wonderful surf.


IceDiamond Merit Award

Thank you for appying for the IceRose Award of Excellence. I have enjoyed my visit to your site. You have a lot of information! I've also done a lot of reading in Greek Mythology. It must have taken a while to do that chart! Anyways...It's my pleasure to present you with the Icediamond Merit Award for a job well done!


Tritia's Bronze Award of Excellence

Congratulations Roemello!

It is a pleasure to present to you Tritia's Bronze

Award of Excellence. Heart, hard work and effort obviously went into your website and it definitely shows. Spiffy Entertainment is an asset to the Internet Community. It was a pleasure visiting.

Best Wishes, Tritia


PC Bronze Excellence Award

Congratulations! I really enjoyed your site (especially the 80's section!) and can see all the hard work you've put into it. I'd like to present you with my Website Excellence Bronze award. Keep up the good work!


Ashley Alquine's Website Award

Dear Roemello:

Thank you for applying for my award. You have won The Poetry of Ashley Alquine's website award. You had a couple of spelling errors - the one that comes to mind is Shakespeare - you forgot the e at the end. Congratulations on winning the award!


Art Rose Exciting Bronze Award

Congratulations on winning the Art Rose Award for an Exciting Web Site (bronze)! We have reviewed your site and found it exciting, interesting, good looking and easy to navigate. You certainly deserve to be awarded for your talent and hard work.


Gadzillion Award


I enjoyed visiting your site. It is truly a plus for the Internet and consequently I would like to reward your efforts with the Gadzillion Award For Creative Thought on the Internet.


Shari's Web Design Award

Roemello, I am very pleased to send you my Web Design Award. Your pages are very nice!


Latrobe City's Silver Award

Thank you for applying for our award.

We are pleased to present you with our "Silver Award" and you will be added to our winners list on page 4 within 48 hours.

Nicely put together...lots of information on a well balanced site, very easy to navigate through interesting content.

We congratulate you on a job well done...


MMSeekers Creative Award

We here at MMSeekers.com are happy to announce that your website has won our Creative Award. After we received your Award application, we visited your website, reviewed your information and concluded that your website is a High Quality page in both design and service offerings.


Zanavon's Silver Award

Congratulations on the Silver !!

I have visited your site on several occasions and find that it qualifies for my Silver Award. You truly have a vision. Your content as well as your design are pleasant and worth rewarding. It reflects your hours of planning and dedication toward making the internet a more interesting and informative experience.


Dragon Muse Silver Award

Congratulations from the Dragon Muse.

Hi Roemello,

You have won the Silver Dragon Award.


Thu's Bronze Award

Hi Roemello,

We had reviewed your site. It was very nice and fun experience for us, the judges. We would like to thank you for making Internet a better place. Pages like yours are rare in the Net. Once again, we are here to tell you that you have won an award!


Kokopelli Bronze Award

Your site, as listed above, has been chosen as a winner of the Kokopelli Award in bronze, according to points you scored. This award is not automatic. All pages are reviewed indepth. We were impressed by the hard work you put into your site. Your site scored highest on creativity and contents. We liked your mythology pages a lot!

Thank you for applying for the award and sharing your site with us.


Creative Design Award

Congratulations...After doing a thorough review of your site...it gives me great pleasure to award you with my Creative Design Award. You've done a great job in putting your site together and I enjoyed visiting your site very much. It is quite obvious that you have put your heart and soul into the creation of your site... please continue to share your special gift the way you do!


5 Star Website Award

What a great website you have.

I didn't apply for this, but thanks!


Harbeson & Associates Silver Medal

Hello Romello. Please accept the Harbeson and Associates Silver Medal of Excellence for your efforts at Spiffy Entertainment. Since I first reviewed your site back in April, 2000 you have made tremendous improvements in your site. Our award is much harder to win these days and not only did you win it, you've grown in levels to Silver. This is a leap to be very proud of.


Believe 2 Achieve Gold Award

Hi and Congratulations!

I am pleased to announce that your submission for my "Believe 2 Achieve Webmaster Award of Excellence" has been approved. Your site was

reviewed against the criteria and you have won the Webmaster Gold Award!! Job well done! :o)


Creation Association Gold Award

Dear Roemello,

Congratulations on winning the Creation Association Gold Award. Your site is exceptional. You have great content, easy navigation and it is obvious that you have put in the hours to make your site one of the best on the web.

The Gold Award is one of three awards offered by The Creation Association. The Gold Site Award is the highest honor granted.


Angelsnote Silver Award


After thoroughly reviewing your site, I feel that your site deserves my Silver Award. I really did enjoy visiting your site...keep up the good work!


Millennium Design Service Bronze

Millennium Design is very pleased to present your web site with its Bronze Award. As a winner your site has met and exceeded all of our criteria. Excellent job on a great site.


Casey's Celtic Charm Award

Hello Roemello,

We are very pleased to present your site with the Casey's Celtic Charm Silver Award Of Excellence. Thank-you for giving us the opportunity to review your work. Your effort and dedication shine throughout your pages. You are most deserving of many accolades, and for making the World Wide Web a much better and nicer place for us all.

Thank-you for your interest in our Awards Program and Congratulations on such a fine web site.

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