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History of Spiffy Entertainment

Here we have a complete history of updates to this site. You could almost call it a mini blog of sorts long before there was such a thing as blogs. Every time I would make an update, add/delete a section or add/delete a page, I’d write it up here to chronicle my site’s progress. And look at that disparity in years from last update to most recent… ho-ly… yeah, that. It’s been 14 years since I’ve done ANYTHING with this site. Life has a way of turning a person upside down and all around and with all THAT going on for me over the course of that timeframe, I had no motivation or interest in web design anymore. Then I thought to myself… what if overhauled the whole thing? Maybe contribute something a little more appealing than a graveyard to cyberspace. Guess we’ll see.

  • 2001 - Present
  • 6/16/21 - Yeah, you read that right. It’s been 14 years since I’ve updated this site. So what did I do? Complete redesign from the ground up. Eliminated some sections, repurposed others and added an investing section. Added a blog too… not sure why, but I did… see how that goes. Next on the agenda… mobile compatibility… stay tuned.

    7/7/07 - Naturally I had to make an update with this kind of date. Finished and uploaded a complete redesign of the Zelda Section! Much more appealing and cleaner layout.

    4/18/07 - And after another two years, ANOTHER big change! The wrestling section is now officially finished. Since I haven't been keeping up with it in a couple years, and I've kinda lost interest, I've replaced the entire section with a new photography section! A new hobby of mine, so there'll be a good bit of unique content put in there fairly regularly.

    9/14/05 - First addition to the site in over 2 years! YOWZA! New photo manipulations added to the Graphics section.

    6/20/04 - Finally... FINALLY I've made the move over to my new domain. I know... I haven't done all that much with this place over the last year or two, but between the limitations of free hosting and running a few other sites, I kinda tossed this in the corner. But now that I'm on quality hosting, I got a lot more plans for this site (aside from getting it up to date). Having a new comp is also helping get me back into the swing of things. So all is good with SE now... no more "bandwidth exceeded" crap... the site's here to stay.

    4/30/03 - Added Wind Waker-Nintendo Gallery page to Zelda section.

    4/22/03 - Added Wind Waker-Great Sea page to Zelda section.

    4/17/03 - Added Wind Waker main page to the Zelda section.

    11/6/02 - Added World Heavyweight Champions (RAW) and WWE World Tag Team Champions (Smackdown!) to the Wrestling section.

    7/30/02 - Site re-design completed and uploaded. Enjoy!

    7/26/02 - More additions, deletions and one page change:

    • Added: Standard Smilies, Dual Smilies, Bigger Smilies and 9/00-7/02 Winners List
    • Deleted: Favorite Lines, 5.0-4.0 ratings, 3.5 ratings and 3.0 ratings
    • Changed: Downloads page into Graphics page

    7/25/02 - Spiffy Entertainment 2 has been merged with this site. There was also an addition and some deletions to the site as follows:

    • Added: Awards Index
    • Deleted: SE Midi/Lyric Page, Joke of the Week, Interaction Zone and Love/Hate Poem.

    7/24/02 - Complete re-design of entire site underway yet again.

    4/15/02 Took out the Dragon's Den page today. Running really low on web space, so I had to cut something out and that was it unfortunately. Also temporarily discontinued the joke of the week due to time constraints.

    12/28/01 Ok, I haven't made any new additions, but just wanted to point out that I am still alive and so is this site. It's been a busy year, so I didn't have much time to get much together. I've also dedicated a lot of time helping run 80sXchange. I still update things as best I can and from the e-mails I've gotten, the site's still being enjoyed (and the fact I went over my bandwith limit in about a week, says a lot for the site's popularity). Sometime late next year or early 2003 I plan on getting a domain and better hosting...stay tuned and thanks for visiting!

    7/31/01 - Added two new pages to the Legend of Zelda section:

    • Items of Seasons
    • Items of Ages 

    7/12/01 - Added Livesay page to Back to the 80's section.

    7/4/01 - Wrestling commentary has been discontinued due to inability to update on time.

    6/26/01 - Added two new pages to the Oracle sub-sections:

    • Dungeons of Seasons
    • Dungeons of Ages

    6/25/01 - Added two new sub-sections to the Legend of Zelda section:

    • Oracle of Seasons
    • Oracle of Ages

    4/1/01 - Added Zelda 4 sub-section to Legend of Zelda section. Pages include:

    • Zelda 4 Mainpage
    • Koholint Island
    • Nightmare Dungeons
    • Zelda 4 Items
    • Heart Piece Locations
    • The Trading Sequence
    • Secret Seashell Locations

    3/20/01 - Added 'Top 50 Movies of the 80's' to the 'Back to the 80's' section.

    3/17/01 - Hooked up with 80sXchange to provide the ultimate 80's forum here at S.E.

    3/14/01 - Added WWF Women's Title History to the Wrestling section.

    3/7/01 - Split Intercontinental Title History into two pages. 

    3/6/01 - Re-designed the S.E. Awards program and enhanced a few graphics in the Zelda section.

    3/2/01 - Retired the Trials of the Dragon King due to lack of interest.

    3/1/01 - Added Keaton's Quiz to Legend of Zelda section. 

    2/19/01 - Finished and uploaded a complete re-design to the site. This is my best ever...hope everyone enjoys it.

    2/6/01 - Added "80's Memories" pages to the Back to the 80's Section. Pages include:

    • 1980 Memories, 1981 Memories, 1982 Memories, 1983 Memories, 1984 Memories
    • 1985 Memories, 1986 Memories, 1987 Memories, 1988 Memories, 1989 Memories

    2/2/01 - Added Creative Excellence Winners page to Awards Program.

    1/29/01 - Added Resource Excellence Merit Winners page to Awards Program.

    1/19/01 - Added Awards Page 24.

    1/5/01 - Split the Figures of Greek mythology from 3 pages to 6. Spit the WCW U.S. Title History into two pages. Also added a Sources and Resources page to the Greek myth section. After all the dust had settled, here's the new pages that were added:

    • Greek myth: Sources and Resources
    • Greek myth: Figures A-B (changed from A-H)
    • Greek myth: Figures C-D (changed from I-Q)
    • Greek myth: Figures E-H (changed from R-Z)
    • Greek myth: Figures I-O
    • Greek myth: Figures P-R
    • Greek myth: Figures S-Z
    • WCW U.S. Champions Page 2
    • Site History/Major Updates 2000
    • Creative Excellence Merit Winners

    1/3/01 - Split the WCW World title history page and added WCW World Champs Page 2.

  • 2000
  • 12/24/00 Redesigned the Dragon's Den. A long overdue major improvement.

    12/22/00 Added Majora's Mask Bottle Locations to the Legend of Zelda section.

    12/20/00 Added two more jokes to the Joke Archive

    • Quote the Raven
    • Suess Trek

    12/18/00 Added a Privacy Policy to my Awards Program.

    11/21/00 Added 24 Masks of Majora page to the Legend of Zelda section.

    11/18/00 Added Majora's Mask Heart Container Location pages to Zelda section. Includes:

    • Majora's Mask Heart Containers Mainpage
    • Clock Town Hearts
    • Termina Field & Romani Ranch Hearts
    • Woodfall Swamp Hearts
    • Mountain Village Hearts
    • Great Bay Coast Hearts
    • Ikhana Canyon & Moon Hearts

    11/9/00 Added Majora's Mask main page to the Legend of Zelda section.

    10/24/00 - Completely re-designed my entire awards program again. A much better look if I do say so myself.

    9/26/00 - Added a new page; Zelda 64 Items to the Legend of Zelda section along with some new graphics for the Zelda 64 sub-section and maps for the Zelda II sub-section.

    9/21/00 - Added Awards Sites Ratings pages

    • 5.0/4.5/4.0 Rated Awards
    • 3.5 Rated Awards
    • 3.0 Rated Awards

    9/19/00 - Added Etymology page to Greek mythology section.

    9/15/00 - Added Awards Page 23.

    9/9/00 - Slightly re-designed the Legend of Zelda section. Basically, I just improved the graphics a little and added more text links to accompany the image map navigation.

    9/6/00 - Added Personality Quiz Results to Who am I? section.

    9/1/00 - Finished and uploaded a brand new version of my awards program. Added pages:

    • Application Form
    • FAQ Page (replacing judgement/points page)
    • Previous Winners 2000
    • Merit Award Winners (replacing tips page)

    8/16/00 - Finished and uploaded my 5th re-design to this entire site. I gave it a complete facelift! Hopefully this one will fly better than my past attempts.

    8/15/00 - Added Awards page 22 and seperated 80's lyrics to it's own seperate page.

    7/27/00 - Finished and uploaded a complete re-design to my awards program.

    7/18/00 - Added two more tales to the Greek Mythology section

    • The Legend of Perseus
    • The Myth Behind Dreams

    7/12/00 - Added two more jokes to the Joke Archive

    • Computer Lab Antics Pt. I
    • Computer Lab Antics Pt. II

    7/6/00 - Added Awards Page 21.

    6/30/00 - The summer of re-designs never ends! Just finished and uploaded a complete re-design to the Back to the 80's section.

    6/26/00 - Added Weird Al Parody Page to the Joke Section.

    6/24/00 - Added Misty's Shrine to the Who am I? Section (it's linked on the Pictures Page).

    6/21/00 - Finished and uploaded my best interactive feature to date, the Trials of the Dragon King. This feature is part of the Dragon's Den.

    6/12/00 - Dropped the Horoscope section. It is no more.

    6/5/00 - Added two more jokes to the Joke Archive

    • Sermon Entertainment
    • Answering Machine Messages

    5/30/00 - Added Gifts & Prizes page.

    5/22/00 - Finished and uploaded a major re-design to the site. Re-designed pages include: Homepage, jokes, index, who am I?, the entire wrestling section, this update page, links, downloads, and interaction.

    5/8/00 - Added Awards Page 20.

    5/4/00 - Finally finished and uploaded a complete re-design of the Legend of Zelda section. This is a MAJOR improvement from the previous design...check it out!

    4/27/00 - Added two new pages to the Back to the 80's section

    • TV in the 80's
    • Cartoons in the 80's

    4/17/00 - Added a new feature to the wrestling section, My wrestling commentary.

    4/7/00 - Added three new tales to the Greek mythology section

    • Aphrodite: Goddess of Beauty
    • Artemis: Goddess of the Hunt
    • Poetry of Greek Mythology

    4/4/00 - Added Previous Elegance Winners List.

    4/3/00 - Added Awards Page 19. 

    3/20/00 - Added two new jokes to the Joke Archive

    • Classroom Antics Pt. I
    • Classroom Antics Pt. II

    3/17/00 - Added three new pages to the Greek mythology section specifically as part of the "Darkside of Greek Myth" tale

    • The Underworld Rivers
    • Charon: The Ferryman
    • Tartarus

    3/16/00 - Finally finished and uploaded a complete re-design of the Greek mythology section. I'm really quite proud of this big re-design...check it out!

    3/11/00 - Added two new pages to the Legend of Zelda section

    • Skulltula Locations
    • Big Poe Locations

    3/10/00 - Added five new pages to the Legend of Zelda section

    • Zelda MIDI
    • Zelda 1 Items
    • Zelda 2 Items
    • Zelda 3 Items
    • Zelda 3 Heart Container Locations

    3/9/00 - Added Awards Page 18.

    3/2/00 - Two new games added to the S.E. Arcade

    • Asteroids
    • Space Invaders

    2/25/00 - New addition to the wrestling section, WWF Light Heavyweight Champions.

    2/21/00 - New addition to the Back to the 80's section, the 80's Word Search.

    2/14/00 - Added Awards Page 17.

    2/8/00 - Added a new section, Interaction Zone and two new tales of mythology

    • Origin of the Zodiac
    • Mythology of the Planets

    1/31/00 - Two new jokes added to the Joke Archive

    • Stupid Instructions
    • Missionary Controversy

    1/28/00 - Added this page to show a brief history of this site's developement.

    1/15/00 - Added Awards Page 16

    1/14/00 - Two new additions to the Greek Mythology section

    • The Apple of Discord
    • Hera's Revolt Against Zeus

    1/13/00 - In the wrestling section I've reorganized, corrected, and expanded wrestlers true identities pages and added a third page.

    1/11/00 - New page added to the Back to the 80's section, The 80's Music Flashback.

    1/5/00 - New addition to the Back to the 80's section, A Duran Duran Midi/Lyric Tribute.

  • 1999
  • 12/22/99 - Created a main index page for the Horoscope pages and thus finally officially making it a section of the site.

    12/18/99 - Added Awards Page 15.

    12/4/99 - Added Awards Page 14.

    12/3/99 - Three new additions to the site

    • The Love/Hate Poem
    • Addition to the Joke Archive: Fortune Cookies
    • Addition to the Joke Archive: Alcohol at Work

    11/24/99 - Two new games added to the S.E. Arcade

    • Warp
    • Missile Commando

    11/23/99 - Added the Psychedeliscope to the Back to the 80's section.

    11/22/99 - Added WCW Hardcore Title History to the wrestling section.

    11/12/99 - Added Pac-Man to the S.E. Arcade.

    11/11/99 - Added a new section to the site, The S.E. Arcade along with two games: Breakout and Nibbles.

    11/8/99 - Added Awards Page 13.

    11/6/99 - Adopted a dragon, named it Odysseus, and began a journal for him in the Dragon's Den section.

    11/5/99 - Two new jokes added to the Joke Archive

    • Chicken Joke
    • Funky Bumper Stickers

    11/3/99 - Added Basic Tips for winning awards in My Award section.

    10/28/99 - Added Awards Page 12.

    10/22/99 - Added the tale of Narcissus and Echo to the Greek Mythology section.

    10/13/99 - Two new jokes added to the Joke Archive

    • Mistaken Identity
    • If Pulled Over, Don't say...

    10/8/99 - Completely reconstructed my awards won section. I added tables for a neater display, limited the awards to ten awards per page, and added Awards Pages 8, 9, 10, and 11.

    9/29/99 - Added the Tale of Pandora to the Greek Mythology section.

    9/28/99 - Added the Myth Behind Winter & Spring to Greek Mythology section.

    9/24/99 - Added Awards Page 7.

    9/18/99 - Finally launched my Legend of Zelda section after finishing up the basis to it. The last six pages rounding it out are: Lightworld Palaces, Darkworld, Darkworld Palaces, Zelda 64, Z64 Heart container locations, and The Biggoron Sword. More will be done with this at a later date.

    9/17/99 - Created Zelda 3 and Lightworld pages for the upcoming LOZ section.

    9/16/99 - Created Zelda 2 Caverns and Towns pages for upcoming LOZ section. Also added two new jokes to the Jokes Archive

    • The General's Coat
    • Ride that Camel!

    9/15/99 - Created Zelda 2 palaces page for upcoming LOZ section.

    9/14/99 - Created Zelda 2 main page for LOZ section.

    9/13/99 - Created underworld page for LOZ section.

    9/12/99 - Created overworld page for LOZ section.

    9/11/99 - Created Zelda 1 main page for LOZ section.

    9/10/99 - Created History of Hyrule page for LOZ section.

    9/9/99 - Today I begin construction of the upcoming Legend of Zelda section(LOZ). Today I've finished the Legend of Zelda main page. Section will be launched at a later date.

    9/6/99 - Added Previous Winners list to My Award section.

    8/30/99 - Two new jokes added to the Joke Archive

    • The Quickie
    • Surgery

    8/28/99 - Added a page that could be the beginning of a new section, Back to the 80's.

    8/26/99 - Added Favorite Lines to the Who am I? section.

    8/19/99 - Reconstructed and expanded my awards program after being rated a 3.0 by Award Sites. Added seperate pages for Criteria, Judgement/Point System, and the Awards Shrine displaying samples of my awards.

    8/15/99 - Added a new joke to the Joke Archive, Speaking Politically Correct.

    8/14/99 - Added The Dark Side of Greek Myth to the Greek Mythology section.

    8/11/99 - Added Awards Page 6.

    8/4/99 - Added what could be a future section to the site, The Dragon's Den.

    8/1/99 - Today I officially launch my own awards program.

    7/28/99 - Added a new joke to the Joke Archive, Forest Improvements.

    7/24/99 - Added four new jokes to the Joke Archive

    • How to Annoy People
    • Feel Like a Woman
    • Classes For Men
    • One Wish

    7/22/99 - Added Awards Page 5 and five new jokes to the Joke Archive

    • Comparing Dogs to Women
    • Signs of a Drinking Problem
    • Elevator Annoyance
    • A Few Facts of Life
    • Fast Food Application

    7/21/99 - Added a new section to the site, the Joke Archive along with five jokes

    • Poopies
    • Cabby & The Preacher
    • Trial of the Cannibals
    • C.I.A. Interview
    • Explaining Gov't using Cows

    7/16/99 - Added Awards Page 4.

    7/15/99 - Added My Poetry to the Who am I? section.

    7/8/99 - Added Awards Page 3.

    7/6/99 - Added Achilles - Legendary Warrior to the Greek Mythology section and a Prophecies and Riddles page to the Who am I? section.

    7/5/99 - Created my own awards program. I plan to launch it in August. Only two pages, Win My Award and Winners List.

    7/2/99 - Added Awards Page 2.

    7/1/99 - Added two new pages to the wrestling section

    • WWF King of the Ring Winners
    • WWF Royal Rumble Winners

    6/15/99 - Added a poem to the Who am I? section. The link to the page is hidden within one of the pictures on my pictures page.

    6/12/99 - Added a Favorite Things page to the Who am I? section.

    6/1/99 - Today Spiffy Entertainment wins it's very first award and because of this, I add my very first Awards Page.

    5/27/99 - Added the 12 Trials of Hercules to the Greek Mythology section.

    5/21/99 - Added a Pictures page to the Who am I? section.

    5/18/99 - Added three tales of mythology to the Greek Mythology section

    • Legend of Apollo
    • Tale of Arachne/The Fates
    • How Zeus Came into Power

    5/10/99 - Added four new title histories to the wrestling section

    • WCW T.V. Title History
    • WCW Tag Team Title History
    • WWF Hardcore Title History
    • WWF Tag Team Title History

    5/5/99 - Added two new title histories to the wrestling section

    • WCW Cruiserweight Title History
    • WWF European Title History

    4/28/99 - Added the 1988 Picture to the Who am I? section.

    4/27/99 - Added two new title histories to the wrestling section

    • WCW U.S. Title History
    • WWF Intercontinental Title History

    4/22/99 - Added horoscope pages for my upcoming original horoscopes. Nothing really die hard astrological, just an outlet for my creative writing skills.

    4/21/99 - Added Wrestlers True Identities pages to the wrestling section, Real Names A-M and Real Names M-Z.

    4/20/99 - Today's the big day. The official launch of my very first homepage, Spiffy Entertainment. My little dream of bringing Spiffy Entertainment into a worldwide spectrum has finally arrived! I've also added a Greek Mythology section including three pages worth of major figures from the mythology.

    4/17/99 - Finally finished the basis for my homepage. I've just recently joined this somewhat lesser known server, Freeservers.com. It's the only place I found that gives me something of a domain name for free. http://spiffyentertainment.8m.com is the addy of what I hope will become a great site that everyone can enjoy. The first pages that I'll be launching in a couple days are:

    • The Homepage(index)
    • Joke of the Week
    • Links
    • Downloads
    • Who am I?
    • Wrestling Page
    • WCW World Title History
    • WWF World Title History
    • Index(Site Map)