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Time to go Back in Time

Welcome to my 80's section! This used to just be one page of lyrics, but has since been expanded a little. In this section you'll find major headlines and a quick blurb on each year, an original flashback at some of the music stars of the era, top 50 movies and lists of the great TV shows and cartoons of the 80's. This decade was my childhood, so it’ll always be something I nostalgically fall back on. There was just so much fun and creativity going on at the time, it’s hard not to love it! Now that I'm finished running my mouth again, enjoy this section! If you're an 80's child or teen, this should be a somewhat enjoyable flashback for you.

Situated to the right is my 80s music playlist on Apple Music. If you’re a member, feel free to check that out!

Take a Look Back at this Decade… Year by Year

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Reminisce on Some More 80s Memories!

Music of the 80's - An Original Wordplay Story - This is a somewhat humorous flashback of a few of the big names (and I stress only a few), that made the 80's music scene what it was. This is a completely original work I wrote some years back.

Top 50 Movies of the 80's - No, it's not an official list. This is just my personal top 50 based on how well the movies hit at the time and most importantly....how much I liked them.  Call it a list of suggestions.  If you haven't seen any of these, you should!

80's Television - Here's a pretty decently large list of the great shows of the eighties. Looking through this list should spark up some old memories.

80's Cartoons - Much like 80's TV, if you're a child of the eighties, this list of cartoons should bring back some more memories.