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Stock Market Investing

The first new section in years for a new interest. Thanks to the pandemic, I didn’t get out much to do my photography thing, so had to find something else to focus on. I had thought about getting into investing for years, but didn’t get around to taking the time to researching it more and choosing a brokerage. Everything was made a lot easier for me when I found out commissions were a thing of the past and fractional shares was a thing. The allure of not having to pay fees per trade and being able to start small made it a lot more comfortable for me to dive in.

I started simple with $100… threw $10 into ten different stocks I liked and watched how it went. From there, just grew those holdings out a bit… found some new ones to add… made the rookie mistake of taking stock advice from articles and buying into junk. Warren Buffett was right… stick to what you know.

I’ve made a good bit of moves since the beginning and now have finally focused my portfolio where I want it. I actually have two… an active trading account which I’ve focused on dividend investing, looking to create a passive income flow. The other is a Roth IRA focused on long term growth by way of a diversified set of index funds.

So now I’ll just throw in my two cents from what I’ve learned thus far and maybe help financially educate anyone who happens to be on the fence about investing, interested in it or unsure how to begin and where to go with it. I’m a big advocate for financial education (partly why I wrote up this section). It’s a shame it’s not embedded in the education system as it’s one of the most important things in life to learn. Had I learned it a lot sooner, I’d be far better off now. Keep in mind, this is targeted at beginning investors. Going into this as an experienced investor is like going back to elementary school with a Bachelors degree.

Now before we dive in, there’s the obligatory disclaimer. This page and articles to come are not investment advice. Such advice should always be taken from a professional. Everything here is meant for informational purposes only and a mix of my opinions based on my experiences investing.