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From 1999 to 2001 when I first started this site and branching out, I applied to have my site reviewed by every award program I could find. Amazingly I won quite a few! I say amazing because looking back, the site’s design and many typos left a bit to be desired. But I guess for the time it was pretty good. Always made my day to receive and I got some good feedback along the way, helping me to improve.


Webpearls Award of Excellence

Great site!


MadCool Honorable Mention

Guess what? You have been selected to win the -=MadCool=-® Inc Honorable Mention Award! Your Site shows potential Keep it up!


Steliart Cool Site Award

The Cool Site Award is issued to sites with good quality and that we consider as Cool Sites.

Your site is an enhancement to the Internet Community and a result of hard work in general.

As we do not award sites less than that, this recognition to you is for achieving a job Well Done.


Wonderful Webpage Award

Congratulations! Your site has been awarded the Wonderful Webpage award.


Movie-page's Cool Site Award

Congratulations! Your web site has won Movie-Page.com's Cool Site Award.


An Effort in Grace Silver Award


Your site Spiffy Entertainment has been awarded the An Effort In Grace Silver Award for web site design and content. You have an interesting site with good html coding and easy navigation. An effort worthy of many awards to come.


Art Pro of the Web Award

Your site has won the "ArtPro of the Web Award"

Your site is excellent! Keep up the good work and again, Thank You for applying!


Webpage Approval Award

Your website has won the Webpage Approval Award!


Personal Site Accomplishment Award

We are pleased to give you the Nu-Horizons Design Studio's Personal Site Award. We applaud your site's interaction, unique graphic applications and invaluable in-depth content.


Joschi's Award of Excellence

My little dog JOSCHI and I have just visited your site again, and we liked it. That means you have won his award. Congratulations!


Yvonne's Silver Award of Excellence

Congratulations you have won The Yvonne's www Silver Award of Excellence.

I really enjoyed your site and I can see you have worked really hard. Great design! Keep up the good work.


Sit and Entertain Me Award

Congratulations! Your site has won the Sit and Entertain Me Award!

Thanks for showing me a great site!


Dragonwood's Cool Site Award

Congratulations! I love you site thank you so much for sharing that with me...and congrats on the college graduation this past June!! Way to go! Please find your award attached! Enjoy!

Peace and Love


World Kaos Top 5% Award

Hi there. =)

After visiting your site, I'll give you both awards


Better Than the Rest Award

Hi there. =)

After visiting your site, I'll give you both awards


Bronze Award

Congratulations! You have won the BRONZE award


Cool Site Award

Hello Roemello

This is Crystal, You applied for one of my Cool Site Awards ;) I will Award it to You ~ Of Coarse ~ I was Impressed with Your Site ¤ It's Very Good. Thanx for Stopping by My Place & Applying. Take Care & Happy (:HTML'ing:)


Award of Excellence

I finally got to view your site. I was reading the guestbook of someone's site I had just signed and saw your entry. Needless to say, being stuck in his frames brought me right to yours! LOL ... and I'm glad it did = )

I really enjoyed my visit there. You've done a great job with it and have a real talent for making web pages. I am MORE than happy to issue you my Award of Excellence.


Cecilia's Award of Excellence

Congratulations Roemello!

Since your page is so excellent I have decided to give you my Award of Excellence! You have shown great creativity and excellence in page design and it is easy to navigate through your site. Keep up that great work!


Superior Web Design Pot O' Gold Award


You have won our Superior Web Site Pot O' Gold Award! This award is given to only the very best websites. Your website contained very nice graphics, was creatively designed, and offered useful and/or informative content.


Medusa's Gold Award

Hi Roemello

Congratulations you won Medusa's Gold Award and this (43/99) weeks Awesome Award

You have a really informative and awesome site, I like it very much. Keep up the wonderful work :O)


Medusa's Awesome Award

Hi Roemello

Congratulations you won Medusa's Gold Award and this (43/99) weeks Awesome Award

You have a really informative and awesome site, I like it very much. Keep up the wonderful work :O)


Shanty Gold Award of Excellence

Hi Roemello,

I have just reviewed your site and I am very, very impressed. You have designed it well and done a wonderful job. Attached you will find your Shanty Award. Please display it on your site proudly. This award is not given out to everybody. Only people with your talents and hard work.


Susanne's Great Site Award

Hi there, thanks for applying for one of my web awards. I have visited your site and signed your book. You have a great site, nice layout, overall pleasing appearance. Keep up the super work.


Award for Originality & Content


Your website has won our award for originality and content. You've done a wonderful job!


A Step Above the Rest Award

Congratulations from Pure Illusion Awards. We are honored to inform you that you have won the "A STEP ABOVE THE REST."


HyperLinks Gold Award

Congratulations !

After reviewing your site, we ended up on a rating (3). Please note that the building of a web site is a constant ongoing process. This award reflects my taste and how I feel a website should look like.


Nem5 Web Maggic Cool Site Award

Congratulations, you have won the Nem5 Cool Site Award. The Nem5 Cool Site Award will be given to sites that meet the criteria in red. Sites must be pleasant to view and be easy to navigate and understand. This award is to acknowledge outstanding effort.


Top 5 Homepage of The Week Award

Congratulations! During the week of October 31, 1999 your page is named as one of the Arden Pages "Top Five Homepages of the Week".


Webmaster Award

Hi Roemello!

Thanks so much for your interest in my awards! :)

You've done a great job on your site and your hard work shows on every page! You should be very proud! It is with great pleasure that I present you with my "Webmaster" award to honor your hard work and dedication!

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