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From 1999 to 2001 when I first started this site and branching out, I applied to have my site reviewed by every award program I could find. Amazingly I won quite a few! I say amazing because looking back, the site’s design and many typos left a bit to be desired. But I guess for the time it was pretty good. Always made my day to receive and I got some good feedback along the way, helping me to improve.


Gold Award from Willie's Home

I think you have a very wonderful home page and I like to see pages with lots of heart, love and lots of very hard work put in them I will come to visit often Willie from Vermont a friend always.


Believe 2 Achieve Merit Award

CONGRATULATIONS your website has been chosen to receive our Merit Award. The Merit Award is recognition of your hard work & efforts to develop a quality site.


King of the Jungle Award

I just got back from visiting your site and thought it was great! You have managed to combine cool content, neat graphics, and easy navigation into a site which has been a pleasure to visit. So...

Congratulations!!!! You have been selected to receive the "King Of The Jungle" award for outstanding excellence in your web page design. The attached award may be placed on your page if you so desire, but you are not obligated to in any way. Please wear our award with pride as your page deserves it!


Moondragon's Award of Excellence

I visited your webpages and I found you have done a great deal of work on them. It is a lot of work isn't it. But it is fun too. I would like to award you the MoonDragon's Realm of Services Award of Excellence.


Gracie's Award of Excellence

Congratulations, You have won my Award of Excellance for your website. I found your site pleasing, well-organized, easy to navigate and recoginized the hard work that you have put into it.


ArmonWeb Originality Award

We went through your pages very carefully and liked what we saw. :) Therefore we decided the following: Your web site displayed great creativity and very fine use of graphics on your pages. Also we found your site easy to navigate. For the above mentioned reasons you will receive the "ArmonWeb Originality Award"


Nikki's Award of Excellence

Hi Roemello, I just visited your site and had a great time. You have a fun site and I can see you take great care about things you do. :)

Please accept this award and know you deserve it. I'm sending the Eagle award, I assume you would like that, being a guy and all. ;) Please just link it to the URL below...the geocities url. :)


Silver Award

Congratulations, your site has the high honor of receiving the Silver for it's quality and content.


Dutch Ruby Silver Award

Hi Roemello,

Your site has won the Dutch Ruby silver award. Your site has a good layout, cool graphics, a very interesting content and navigation is very easy.


Excellent Web Site Award

Sorry for the delay, but I've been really busy. Anyway, here's your award! It's well deserved!


Heather's Cool Site Award

Congratulations! You have won my award. I have enjoyed my visit at your site. And Keep up the great work on your page.


Dog-Gone Graphics Silver Award

Hi Roemello!

I proud to present your site my DOG-GONE THUMBS UP SILVER AWARD!! What a great site you have there, I know it a lot of hard work!! I wish you a lot of luck.


Southern Nytes Award of Elegance


Your site, Spiffy Entertainment, has been chosen as a winner of the Southern Nytes Award of Elegance, for August 1999. Your site was visited and found to be worthy of this award.


Silver Award of Excellence

Hello! It is my pleasure to present you with the Silver Award of Excellence for content. Keep up the fine/fun work.


Only Free Stuff Award

Congratulations you won the WEB EXCELLENCE Award from Only FREE Stuff.com


'Up All Night' Award of Excellence

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. One of my pages got hacked and I've been in a bad mood about working on the computer since then.  Anyway, you have a very 'spiffy' site - love your dragons.


Viper's Pit Slither Award


I loved your site! It has lots of great stuff and I really enjoyed it a lot. I'd like to present you with my award, the "Viper's Pit Slither Award."


BMGD Awards Review


Your website is now up to be reviewed for the BMGD Best of the Best website Award.


Web Page Excellence Gold Medal

Your web site has won the "GOLD MEDAL" Web Page Excellence Award. Your site has been visited and judged worthy of this award. It is an excellent site with nice design, very good use of graphics and very informative. Your site is a cut above the rest.


DAK's Top 10 Homepage Award

Congratulations! Your site received a 3 out of 5 star rating from Dak!


Outstanding Website Award


Congradulations on winning my award! Great Website! I really enjoyed my visit and am pleased to give you my award!


Angel's Cyberriffic Award

Hello there! I am writing cause you applyed for my award and i am happy to present it to you with only two conditions. The first being that you upload the graphic to your server and the second being that you link it back to my page so others can apply for the award. You have a great site and keep up the good work. Congratulations once again!


Award for Excellent Quality

You have won my award! Your homepage is really excellent!


Aloha Award

All of us agreed that you truly do have a interesting web site with quality content and design. The Aloha Award is not an easy award to win. That is why this award is seen so infrequently. Proudly display the Aloha Award to let others know that your Web site is informative, unique and has won this prestigious award. Congratulations and Aloha


Omega Web Seal of Approval

Hello Roemello,

Congratulations on a fine web site. We enjoyed our visit to your website. "I think it's pronounced 'quiche'."...Really funny. ;)


Two Bit Award

Spiffy Entertainment's Web Site becomes the winner of the prestigious The Two Bit Award. Dr. Mike Stineburg of the Award Site said to this reporter, his visit to the site a "interesting, and he had a good time." "The site was well laid out and easy to navigate" In my opinion, all our readers should drop by and spend some time at this site. This site has already won a variety of awards, and we wish Roemello much success in the future.


IAS Kindess Reward

For your kindness of inspecting our site or some other web-kindness we reward you with the unique "IAS & MANJUSHRI MANDALA KINDNESS REWARD 1999.


Creative Excellence Award

I am very impressed with the time and obvious love you have put into your site! I love to visit people that love creating as much as I do!


Karen's Site Award for Excellence

Of course your site deserves the award!! It's wonderful and I really do enjoy coming across a site that is actually interesting to go through ;)


Enigma Mystic's Excellence Award

Thank you for letting me visit your GREAT page..Here's your award..Keep up the good work!

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