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Original Emojis

A long time ago in an internet far forgotten, I once administrated one of, if not the, largest forum community for fans of the 80’s decade anywhere. During that time, I created some of my own custom emojis for members to use on the forums. Of course way back then, we called them “smilies.” Those later became “emoticons” which later into the present have become known as “emojis.” I would’ve never believed they’d have become so integrated in the daily lives of basically everyone on the planet. So here’s my contributions to the emoji world… some two decades ago.

Angel Smilie Psychedelic Smilie Red
Crying Smilie Psycho Smilie Amy Livin
Devil Smilie Sleepy Smilie Vampire
Ego Smilie Caffeine OD Smilie Mystie*
Goofy Smilie Baby Smilie Shakey
PMS Smilie -- -- -- --
Smilie Fight! Pac-Attack! Witch's Revenge
Butt Kisser and Barfer Freddy vs Jason
Off the Wall The Rock Smilie Gene Simmons
Smokey Jason Smilie Witch Smilie
Jericho Smilie Tinajo Smilie No Lurkers! Smilie
Talk up a Storm Happy Dance Smilie Buttie/Mooner Smilie
Freddy Smilie