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Forever an Enigma

Back on the old version of this site, I had this long winded overly wordy massive blurb about myself… honestly, who even reads something like that? So I’ll keep this new site’s version a bit more condensed.

As you probably guessed, that’s a pic of me right there holding my passion in hand… my trusty Canon 5D Mark III. Very few things I love more than getting out hiking and doing nature shoots, landscapes, birding… basically anything outside in the natural world outside of the random insanity of city life. I’ve done varying professional gigs as well in just about ever discipline, but I love shooting just for myself the most… no pressures, just enjoying the moment. And here comes the cheap plug… if you’re interested in seeing my work, you can head over to Life Immortalized Photography and check all that out (Just not the gig photos… those are privately held for clients).

Aside from that, I’ve also got an addiction to investing the stock market. During the pandemic of 2020, I was stuck inside a lot (I never caught COVID, just stayed home not wanting to deal with the restrictions), so I needed to find something to occupy my time and discovered investing! Greatest thing I ever did, though wish I discovered it sooner. I love working with numbers and research, so it was a perfect fit for me to get into. That of course is covered in another section of the site.

Actually… every section of the site is more or less an “about me” section as it’s all reflective of my interests! That said, I don’t think there’s much more to be said here. I’m a fun, laid back, entertaining, mostly quiet (mostly), semi-introverted, sarcastic, mysterious, adventurous, slightly eccentric guy who loves photography, investing, the MCU, Star Wars, gaming, music, spicy food, all things 80’s and all things Apple. The End.