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This page is basically just in remembrance of what was once my awards program, The SE Awards. From 1999 to 2003 I evaluated websites for their design, creativity, content, presentation and technical prowess. I’m not gonna bother recreating the winner’s lists and all else simply due to the fact that, much like the awards I’ve won, the vast majority of the site’s don’t even exist anymore. A shame really… there were some nice sites out there back in the day. Fun, educational, entertaining… when I found so many broken links going through the lists, I feel like my site is the last throwback left of that era! I’m just stubborn I guess… can’t give up my web home after the years I poured into the thing.

So here we have those "flashy" awards I once bestowed upon worthy sites.  Sign of the times as to how far my graphic work has come since then.  Granted you don't really see that in this iteration of my website as I wanted to keep things simple, but I do still design... and better than these... good Lord.

Spiffy Entertainment Award of Excellence
Spiffy Entertainment Design of Elegance
Spiffy Entertainment Design of Excellence
Spiffy Entertainment Great Site Award

Another thing we had way back when was an "accreditation" site of sorts.  It was called "Award Sites" and basically evaluated the evaluators!  They would then issue a rating of your awards program from 1 to 5 stars based on a number of criteria.  They basically legitimized awards programs.  I was fortunate enough to have been rated a 4.0!  I also earned a place among a designer elite list of evaluators, so my program was definitely legit.

Award Sites Rated 4.0
Award Sites Rated 4.0
Designer Elite List Member