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Big News Headlines in 1984

On a Challenger mission, Navy Capt. Bruce McCandless and Army Lt. Col. Robert Stewart become the first humans to fly free of a spacecraft. 

Union Carbide insecticide plant in Bhopal, India seeps toxic gas killing over 2,000 and injuring 150,000. 

Penthouse magazine publishes nude photographs of Miss America Vanessa Williams. 

The Soviet Union boycotts the Los Angeles Summer Olympics. 

Capitalizing on a strong economic recovery, Republican President Ronald Reagan won a landslide victory over the Democractic candidate, former Vice-President Walter Mondale.

Bernie Goetz shoots four youths on the subway who he claims were trying to rob him.

  • Sports Champions
  • MLB - Detroit Tigers

    NFL - Los Angeles Raiders

    NBA - Boston Celtics

    NHL - Edmonton Oilers

  • Grammy Award Winners
  • Record of the Year - "What's Love Got to Do With it?" by Tina Turner

    Album of the Year - "Can't Slow Down" by Lionel Richie

    Song of the Year - "What's Love Got to Do With it?" by G.Lyle & T.Britten

  • Academy Award Winners
  • Best Picture - Amadeus

    Best Director - Milos Forman for “Amadeus”

    Best Actress - Sally Field in “Places in the Heart”

    Best Actor - F. Murray Abraham in “Amadeus”

  • Top Grossing Movies
  • #1 Ghostbusters

    #2 Beverly Hills Cop

    #3 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

    #4 Gremlins

    #5 The Karate Kid

    #1 Hits of 1984 (US Pop Charts)


    Time after Time

    Against All Odds

    Karmam Chameleon

    The Reflex

    Let's Heart it For the Boy

    Out of Touch

    Like a Virgin




    When Doves Cry

    Let's Go Crazy

    Carribean Queen

    I Just Called to Say I Love You

    Owner of a Lonely Heart

    Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go

    What's Love Got to Do With It


    Missing You


    Cyndi Lauper

    Phil Collins

    Culture Club

    Duran Duran

    Deniece Williams

    Hall & Oates


    Ray Parker Jr.

    Kenny Loggins

    Lionel Richie



    Billy Ocean

    Stevie Wonder



    Tina Turner

    Van Halen

    John Waite

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