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Pandora: Curiosity That Doomed the World

This little myth explains why there is evil in the world, a question many wonder about the answer to. Like all Greek myth, this may not be completely accurate but, it does make pretty good sense. The tale goes something like this...

Some time after the gods took over the heavens from the Titans, the time came when the earth needed new life brought upon it. This great task was given to Epimetheus and Prometheus. Epimetheus brought forth animals and gave them the greatest of qualities. After this was done, Prometheus noticed there were no great qualities left to give mankind to make them a match for the animals. With that, Prometheus stole fire from the heavens and gave it to the mortals. Zeus, insufferably angered by this thievery, had Hephaestus create a woman out of clay and dress her up with gifts from the gods. From Aphrodite she received beauty, Hermes gave her the power of persuasion, and Athena gave her all those feminine skills (you know what I'm talking about). This creation was named Pandora.

According to the Hesiod, Zeus then sent Pandora to Epimetheus as a gift. Epimetheus then proceeded to marry her against the wishes of his brother Prometheus who warned him never to take a gift from Zeus. Pandora was also sent with a strange jar* that was given to her by Zeus. Epimetheus forbade her ever to open this jar. Of course, Pandora secretly opened up the jar and out flew evil, despair, and all other unpleasurable obstacles for mankind to face. The only element that remained was hope.

* - Many accounts call Pandora's jar a box coining the more familiar phrase "Pandora's Box" It is written however in the Hesiod as a jar.