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Hera’s Failing Attempt to Dethrone Zeus

Well, we all pretty much know that Hera was Zeus' wife, but do you know why they became married? Well, I can tell you it definitely wasn't out of mutual love, that's for sure. The tale goes like this...

Zeus made the first move in this relationship. He tried to gain the hand of Hera directly only to fail. Zeus then decided he'd use his cunning trickery to gain her, so he turned himself into a lost and confused little cuckoo bird. Hera felt sorrow for the little bird and held it to her breast...big mistake. Zeus immediately turned back to his true form and raped her before she had a chance to escape. This embarrassed Hera greatly, so she married Zeus just to cover it up.

She never forgave or forgot about this little incident and one day organized the other Olympians in a revolt against Zeus. While Zeus was sleeping, they tied him up to a couch. When this was accomplished, they all began fighting over what to do now that they had him down. What they didn't know was that Briareus (formerly Zeus' bodyguard), saw what was going on and quickly rushed in and untied Zeus. Zeus quickly got up and grabbed his thunderbolt which forced the rest of the Olympians to their knees. He found out Hera was the cause of this and hung her with golden chains in the sky. She cried in pain all night which kept Zeus up. Zeus then told her she'd be released if no more rebellions were attempted. She agreed and was released. She never once rebelled again, however she did interfere with many of Zeus' future plots.