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A Remembrance

The 80's...in my opinion it was the best decade for music by far. Innovations galore were made in the 80's, from the emergance of rap music to the first music video played on MTV (that video being "Video Killed the Radio Star").


I remember the Go Go's wanting to go on a vacation meant to be spent alone. That guy with the symbol was simply know as Prince. He was into little red corvettes and partying like it was 1999 which at the time seemed so distant. George Michael had faith that no one would interfere with his private life...but alas... Whitney Houston’s only  want to dance with somebody was always obliged. Eventually she became the candygirl of New Edition star Bobby Brown. 

Bruce Springsteen was dancing in the dark and screaming about how proud he was to be born in the USA. Janet Jackson was talking about nasty boys and having control. Of course now we all know she kind of likes those nasty boys and has no control. Phil Collins showed us we're just living in a land of confusion with a music video I'll never forget. Tina Turner was my private dancer(hahaha). 

Rick Springfield was a female favorite and pretty successful, but all he wanted was Jesse's girl. Speaking of girls, Billy Joel had an uptown girl was simply gorgeous. John Cougar Mellencamp told us a little diddy 'bout Jack & Diane. Two kids growing up in the heartland. If anything, the video was alright. David Bowie preached to the world, let's dance. The background music to this song is but one of the many tunes that a certain Puff Daddy happened to *cough, ripoff!* borrow. While I'm on the topic of rap, we had the Fat Boys kickin' it with the Beach Boys on wipeout. L.L. Cool J rocked the bells and said, "I need love". Although I think we all know what he really wanted. The Beastie Boys made sure to emphasize that you've got to fight for your right to party

Ok, I'm done with the old school. Back in the land of rock we have Billy Idol who with a rebel yell proclaimed to the world, "I'm dancing with myself". Straight up now tell me...do you remember that former Laker Girl who made it pretty big? Oh yeah, Paula Abdul! The New Kids on the Block were hanging tough as the first modern boy band I can remember(but would REALLY rather forget). U2 finally came to realize that women move in mysterious ways. Van Halen told us all to JUMP! Usually that scream alone was enough to make us do that instinctively. 

Remember Bananarama? No, it's not an ice cream flavor! These girls heard a rumor they had a cruel summer, but they were still great and pretty fine too. The Bangles taught us how to walk like an egyptian, although most of us didn't bother to try. Weird Al was spoofing everyone. He told Michael to eat it, and corrected Cyndi Lauper by saying girls just want to have lunch. Michael Jackson hadn’t lost his pigment yet. Maybe it was the mysterious white glove that turned his skin… or human nature?...who knows? He told everyone he was bad and everyone should just beat it. And who could forget those funky eyes at the end of the Thriller video. 

Bon Jovi was just livin' on a prayer trying to get by. Tiffany thought to herself, "I think we're alone now" as she sat with her album after her stardom blew over. Don't worry Tiffany, Toni Basil is with you on that one....her and her infatuation with Mickey. Duran Duran...the notorious wild boys. They were hungry like the wolf as they persued the beautiful Rio under the new moon on Monday. They eventually gave up and went for girls on film. They didn't admit to giving up though, claiming it to be a reflex. Boy George asked, "Do you really want to hurt me?" Actually, that guy kind of had me wondering as a kid....is this a guy or one really unattractive chick? Out of the blue came Debbie Gibson who was a rising star in the 80's. 

Gloria Estefan warned us "The rhythm is gonna get you". She was right, it sure did! And who could forget the material girl who lived it up like everyday was a holiday. She should thank her lucky star that she made it through with her wild on-stage antics that were almost always on the borderline. Well, she lived to tell and took us all on a trip to La Isla Bonita where we found ourselves hopelessly getting into the groove. And just like a prayer, her voice took us there as she taught us it's alright to express yourself. The women of whom I don't recall ever being like a virginWho's that girl you ask? Why it's the one and only.....Madonna. You know at one point we were all crazy for you.