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Back in 2022

Tuesday, January 25, 2022 2:56 AM

Well, I did say I’d be a random occurance when I started this thing… far be it from me to not live up to my word.  Six months from last and I did end up seeing Eternals… not the greatest MCU, but not the worst either.  I think I liked it the second time on Disney+ more than the initial run.  Then of course was on to No Way Home and that pretty much speaks for itself for any who’ve seen it.  Anyone who hasn’t seen it wouldn’t be interested in hearing about it and anyone interested who hasn’t seen it… well… I don’t think such a person exists.  Needless to say, it’s killing me waiting for Multiverse of Madness now.

Lets see… then there was the PC upgrade thing… successfuly overhauled a 12 year old system into a modern one.  Kinda like I did with this site come to think!  Nothing much else to speak of… so far made it through these past couple years COVID free while everyone else around me seems to be getting it left and right… hopefully the luck continues.  Still doing great in the market as well despite all the volatility swerling around.  And as I mentioned in one of my articles for anyone participating… don’t panic sell!  It’s starting to look like there’ll be some good entry points to buy the dip.  I know I certainly did early on 1/24 when a correction hit… and then completely rebounded in the same day.  Always keep that famous quote from Buffett in mind, “Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful.”  There’s a lot of fear going on these days, so it’s making for a great time to be active.  At least in my opinion… I’m only up around 30% on my portfolio after 17 months… for what it’s worth.

Another market justification I’ve been seeing is the near complete destruction of meme stocks.  Congrats to anyone who bought in cheap before the squeeze and sold at it’s height to make some good coin!  And my condolences to those who bought high and held the stocks thinking it was going “to the moon” or whatever they thought was going to happen and likely have, or are going to, lose a lot of money.

But anyway, I’ll zip it now… for however long it is before I re-emerge… one never knows.