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Tuesday, July 20, 2021 1:41 AM

The story of my life.  I made the productivity destroying mistake of getting Mass Effect: Legendary Edition and well… off I went.  Completely hooked through two playthroughs as male and female Shepards… full paragon and renegade respectively and finally done.  Got my money’s worth outta that sucker.  In the middle of all that, at the time anyway as it’s over now, wrapping my head around Loki. I think I can speak freely of it now since it’s over and anyone who hasn’t seen it at this point… not thinking they care.  But yeah… Immortus/Nathaniel Richards/Kang… predictably, but in awesome fashion as “He who remains” and Sylvie fudging up the multiverse is setting up for one hell of a ride in the MCU.  Infinity Saga was outstanding, but the next couple phases are gonna be batshit insanity.  The only “normal” movie I see coming is Shang Chi.  Black Widow was pretty good as well even though, end credits aside, it doesn’t really fit with anything current.  Good backstory though, great action and sets up nicely for the Hawkeye show.  Now hopefully that damn Delta variant Corona goes the hell away so I can make my return to theaters for Eternals in November… that should be a mind bender.

So yeah, that’s my blurb of the moment… didn’t abandon the site or anything, though granted… I’ll be a random occurance doing this anyway.  My motivation has more splits than the multiverse… never know what I’ll be at next.  Yes I do…. upgrading my old PC.  Love my iMac, but certain things Windows is better for… and vice versa… keep all my bases covered.  Adios!