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Winners of the SE Awards - Sept. 2000 - July 2002

These are the winners of the Spiffy Entertainment Awards for 8/00-7/02. All Merit Winners can be viewed on the Merit Winner's List.

Overall Excellence Winners

*hachsag.de*: Shadow´s New World - A private Website, where you can learn a lot about orchids, the most fascinating flowers, I know. Or you can read about "Ballooning", one of my hobbies - with much informations. Further you can find a small gallery with some pagesets, bryce pictures and more, an extended Award-Program, some personal anecdotes and more. (Jan. 2002)
This site excelled in design, creativity, and resource excellence.
The Muse's Muse - Your place for songwriting tips, tools, interactivities and connecting with other songwriters around the world. (Jan. 2001)
This site excelled in design, creativity, and resource excellence.
Advanced Marine Navigation Course - Online marine navigation course. Recommended by ISAF and US Sailing as an excellent tool for boating safety. (Nov. 2000)
This site excelled in design, creativity, and resource excellence.

Design of Elegance Winners
Design of Elegance Merit Winners List

The five most recent winners are displayed here. Previous winners can be viewed at the Design of Elegance Previous Winners page.

OM EL ARAB - A timeless journey into the World of timeless beauty. (July 2001)
PetalPerfect Digital Photography - A simple digital photo gallery featuring the photography of webmistress and home to the iNet Awards. (Jun. 2001)
The State Of The Art - Modern and Classic Oil Paintings on canvas. Mixed Media, Sculptures, Portraits, Old Master Copy. (Jun. 2001)
After All - After All is an advanced flash and design studio. (Mar. 2001)
Grafx Emporium - GrafxEmporium.com's site devoted to Web Design & Graphics. All Original Innovative Graphics & Content. (Oct. 2000)

Creative Excellence Winners
Creative Excellence Merit Winners List

The five most recent winners are displayed here. Previous winners can be viewed at the Creative Excellence Previous Winners page.

The Magic Words - Features the thought-provoking poetry, short stories, and assorted prose pieces of Nicole S. Porter. (July 2002)
Heidi's Sammelsurium - Paintings and poetry of great importance. (Oct. 2001)
BallOOns Museum - A museum of living and talking paintings and sculptures from all periods and a bit more. (Aug. 2001)
Drury Design Dynamics - Drury Design Dynamics Flash-powered website displays business information while demonstrating creativity and interactivity. Puzzle pieces assemble to form a movie player for viewing videos form the company portfolio, while relaxed and informative copy entertains and enlightens. (May 2001)
Shadow Poetry - Web published poetry and short stories. (Mar. 2001)

Resource Excellence Winners
Resource Excellence Merit Winners

The five most recent winners are displayed here. Previous winners can be viewed at the Resource Excellence Previous Winners page.

Sudanese Student Org. at B.U. - This is the official website of Sudanese students at Bradley University, USA. Includes data about Sudan the african country; its culture, people, customs and music. (July 2002)
Kimmy's Atheist Site - A site of positive atheist thought, to aid the atheist and society. It contains essays, poetry, reviews, rants, links, photos, and offers awards. (July 2001)
Webmaster Central - This site offers tools and advice on how to build, optimize, and promote a web site. Very informative and a must visit for all webmasters/mistresses. (Jan. 2001)
Encyclopedia Atmospheric Environment - The Encyclopedia of the Atmospheric Environment is a unique one-stop source of information on a range of atmospheric issues, including weather, climate, air pollution, acid rain, global warming and ozone depletion. (Dec. 2000)
Loadstar's Lair - Travel back to the time of the Renaissance and live the dream of Leonardo da Vinci. Explore his work and machines. Visit the lair of the tiger, learn about the life of this exquisite animal. Will our grandchildren still be able to view it in the wild? Investigate the vulture, a mysterious bird only a mother vulture could love. Almost without exception, every species is now rare, endangered, or threatened. (Dec. 2000)

Fun Site Award Winners
Fun Site Award Merit Winners List

Where Are You? - A personal site built around a Scooby Doo theme. Sound silly? Perhaps, but the visual layout, online games, and other little surprises are a must see for anyone who appreciates good design, clear navigation and all around cohesiveness of style. (Mar. 2001)
Mad Kane, Humor Columnist - Award winning humor columnist Madeleine Begun Kane is Raising Kane about everything that irks her: the Internet, marriage, computers, cars, money, privacy, work, and other aggravations. Fortunately, most things irk her, so she's always Raising Kane. The aptly named Mad Kane was recently named one of the "Net's Hottest Columnists." And the person who did the naming wasn't even her mother. (Dec. 2000)
FanoFunny - FanoFunny is an international Festival of Humor and Satire. (Nov. 2000)
Snow Rogers Elementary School - Because of our appreciation of the computers and use of the Internet in our class rooms our site is dedicated to supplying interesting, educational, and 'fun while you learn' things to do on the internet for our children, community, school, and all web interested individuals. We hope our site's contents provide our visitors with not only useful tools in pursuit of educational excellence but also provides tools to enrich all areas of their lives. (Sept. 2000)
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