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Some time long ago, I took a bunch of personality tests over at E-Mode. If you haven't tried these out yet, go check the site out some time...it's pretty fun! Anyway, here's what the experts have to say about my personality:

What Color is My Aura?

We don't need a psychic to tell us that you're giving off a Gold vibe. You couldn't ask for a better color — a glistening gold aura is as good as it gets. A lively blend of yellow and orange, gold people are happy, playful, energetic, sensitive, and generous. Always up for adventure, you'd give a friend in need the shirt off your back. You're spiritual, too — all those halos in old paintings aren't colored gold by coincidence. Almost childlike in the carefree, joyful way you live your life, you're popular and outgoing with your large circle of friends. Chances are you're so full of light and energy that you sometimes find it hard to sit still and chill out. Instead, you're constantly looking for excitement, no matter how risky or impulsive the occasion. Happy-go-lucky and always laughing, you truly are as good as gold.

What is My True Color?

You're YELLOW, the color that symbolizes joy and energy -- which are two things you bring to those around you. Your sunny disposition and cheery outlook are infectious. It is hard for anyone to be sad or lonely in your presence. Your good spirits just won't allow it. The warmth of your personality shines through in the kindness you bestow on friends and family. Always ready with a light-hearted joke or heart-felt compliment, you know how to make people feel good about themselves. Yellow is a warm and inviting color for a warm and inviting person.

What Breed of Dog am I?

You are most like an IRISH SETTER. You are a fun-loving breed with a devil-may-care attitude toward life. Your refreshing outlook endears you to your close friends and many acquaintances. They love having you around because your light-hearted nature, witty jokes and nose for fun can (and do) enliven any social situation. You are interested in and excited about many different things. Such varied interests make you a well-rounded individual but they may also create a tendency towards distraction. You are one of the lucky dogs who will always be a kid at heart!

What's My Super Power?

Leapin' Lizards, you're a CHAMELEON! When it comes to blending in, you're probably a pro. Chameleons are masters of disguise and can fit in to any social situation or group. Able to change your colors at a moment's notice, you adapt quickly to changing moods, conversations and attitudes. This special power makes you the perfect candidate for a life in espionage, acting or social climbing. Sound exciting? An unassuming air, well-practiced charm and fine eye for human behavior are your tickets to success. If you want to dive headlong into the role of the chameleon, you better stock up on theater make-up, acting books, outfits, fake noses and reversible jackets. Practice your skills by crashing parties and trying to fit in. When the hostess swears that she's met you before, you'll know you are ready for the big time. If you use all of the tools and innate chameleon know-how at your disposal, you're bound to go far. Good luck!

What's My Astrology Makeover?

The planets are very complex. Maybe your astrologist will disagree, and maybe a few tendencies will vary, but overall you're a LEO. You're like a lion in disguise, just waiting for a kingdom to rule. Out of all the zodiac signs, you're the born entertainer -- the fire sign who craves attention and loves the spotlight. And people just can't resist your exuberance, spirit and charisma. Creative and self-assured, you do anything to make people smile. You're a great friend not just for your fun-loving nature, but your kind and generous ways. You crave pleasure and a luxurious lifestyle, and not a day goes by without some sort of drama. It's all part of your Leo style.

Suave-O-Meter Results

You are quite the Casanova! You know how to play the dating game, and you're damn good at it! Most likely, you are a woman magnet and you are never without an admirer. It appears that you have an incredible amount of charm, and your attentive and sensitive demeanor makes you irresistible. You have definitely been taught well. You know how to treat a woman, and you make sure that she feels special and appreciated by yours truly. You have a knack for expressing yourself and showing your interest, without looking too eager. That is a difficult balancing act, and you deserve a pat on the back for perfecting it. At the rate you're going, you won't be dating much longer before you score your dream girl!

Sex-God Test Results

Hark - the oracle speaks! A bolt of lightning falls from the sky! SHAZAAM! As the smoke clears, the hidden deity in you emerges and is revealed to be:

APOLLO, God of Poetry and Music.

You are the ideal man - basically, a stud. Loved by all, your golden boy charm is enough to drive most women crazy with lust. You are the most wanted of all the deities. Women place you on a pedestal during the day, and dream about you at night. And once you work your godly magic in the bedroom, you've got them hooked for life. You are the hot, smart and charming guy whom all the ladies want to bed. Your inner intelligence, sensual nature and great physique make women happy to oblige any of your requests. Your hot and steamy temperament and the devotion that simmers within you make women swoon. You probably tend to dive passionately into relationships, but you may find that your firey desire quickly cools. Nevertheless, you leave a trail of satisfied mortals in your wake.

My Deadliest Sin

You are guilty of PRIDE. Mirror mirror on the wall ...Before you start deciding who will buy film rights to your autobiography, maybe you should ask yourself what makes you think you're so special. What you assume to be looks of admiration and awe may be nothing more than mocking glances hiding laughter. Becoming your own best friend is a great thing, but it should definitely not become an obsession. An inflated sense of self-importance may hide deeper concerns about your own confidence. Remember, those who do it don't talk about it.

According to early religious scholars, pride destroys humility. When we compare ourselves to others, it reflects a vain concern with our outer trappings, rather than concern for our inner spiritual nature. The need to feel better than others should be tempered with a more humble focus upon ourselves as we really are. The medieval Italian poet Dante Alighieri considered pride the most deadly of all seven sins.

What Flavor am I?

Mmm ... pink grapefruit! Sweet and tart at the same time, you're bursting with sun-kissed goodness. If you were a song, you'd be "It's a Sunshine Day" by the Brady Bunch — you're just that perky and refreshing. That's not to say that you don't have an edge — quite the contrary. In fact, a little bit of sugar (aka gifts, praise, and other goodies) can always bring out your naturally sweet flavor. But when it comes down to it, you prefer folks who can match you in strength and independence. Luckily, that kind of attitude is appealing, so you always have 'em wanting more. Citrusy, tangy, and a little exotic, you're a truly tasty treat.

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