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My Two Crazy Kittens...

Since so many on the web today seem to be immortalizing their pets on the 'net, I've decided to give my new cats a little area on my site. This page used to be for my cat Misty... she died earlier this year... (2004) she was 7. Of course I can't live without a cat in the house, so I got two! A Domestic Lynx (Stubby) and I'm not sure exactly what the other is, but her name's Blinky... lol. Videos can be seen here.

First a pic Misty (RIP) - May 10, 2000

Blinky's first day (she's the grey one on the right, Stubby's on the left)

Finally getting along after their first week...

Them again... This one shows pretty well how huge Stubby is... mind you, she's only about 8 months old in this picture... she's bigger now...

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