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Figures of Greek Myth - P-R
Pallas Crius Eurybia Titan Husband of Styx
Pan Hermes A Nymph God God of Flocks, Fields, & Forests
Pandora Hephaestus none Mortal First Woman on Earth
Pasiphae Helios Perse Mortal Queen of Crete
Pegasus Poseidon Medusa Creature Mythical Winged Horse
Peleus Aeacus unknown Mortal Father of Achilles
Pelias Poseidon Tyro Mortal Deceiver of Iolcus
Pelops Tantalus unknown Mortal Famed Charioteer
Pephredas Phorcys Ceto Graeae Gray Sister(Witch)
Persephone Zeus Demeter Goddess Queen of the Underworld
Perseus Zeus Danae Mortal Legendary Hero
Phaedra Minos Pasiphae Mortal Wife of Theseus
Phaethon Helios Clymene Mortal Drove the Chariot of the Sun
Phantasos Hypnos unknown Oneiroi Made lifeless images in dreams
Pheme none Gaea Goddess Goddess of Fame
Phobetor Hypnos unknown Oneiroi Made animal images in dreams
Phoebus Uranus Gaea Titaness Goddess of the Moon
Phorcys Pontus Gala God Father of Mythical Creatures
Pleione Oceanus Tethys Oceanid Mother of Pleiades
Plutus unknown Demeter God God of Riches & Wealth
Pollux Zeus Leda God God of Boxing & Photography
Polyhymnia Zeus Mnemosyne Muses Goddess of Sacred Poetry
Polyphemus Poseidon Thoosa Cyclops Cyclops son of Poseidon
Pontus Aether Gaea Titan No significant role
Poseidon Cronus Rhea God God of the Sea
Priapus Dionysus Aphrodite God God of Fertility & Reproduction
Prometheus Iapetus Clymene Titan Created Mortals
Proteus Poseidon unknown God Keeper of Seals
Rhadamanthus Zeus Europa Mortal Brother of King Minos
Rhea Uranus Gaea Titaness Mother of the Gods
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