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Figures of Greek Myth - C-D
Calliope Zeus Mnemosyne Muses Goddess of Epic Poetry
Calypso Atlas unknown Nymph Sea Nymph
Cassandra Priam Hecuba Mortal Prophet of Troy
Castor Tyndareus Leda God God of Boxing & Photography
Celaeno Atlas Pleione Pleiade Daughter of Atlas & Pleione
Cerberus Typhon Echidna Dog Guardian of Hades
Chaos none none Universe The Universe/First Deity
Charon Erebus Nyx God Ferryman of the dead
Charybdis Poseidon Gaea Creature Monster of the sea
Chimera Typhon Echidna Creature Lion/Goat/Dragon Monster
Chloris unknown unknown Goddess Goddess of Flowers & Spring
Circe Helios Perse Sorceress Sorceress of Aeaea
Clio Zeus Mnemosyne Muses Goddess of History
Clotho Zeus Themis Fates Spinner of the thread of Life
Clytemnestra Tyndareus Leda Mortal Wife of Agamemnon
Coeus Uranus Gaea Titan Father of Leto
Cratos Pallas Styx God God of Power & Strength
Creon Menoecus unknown Mortal King of Thebes
Crius Uranus Gaea Titan One of the Titans
Cronus Uranus Gaea Titan Father of the Gods
Daedalus Metion unknown Mortal Invented the Labrynth of Crete
Danae Acrisius unknown Mortal Mother of Perseus
Dardanus Zeus Electra Mortal First King of Troy
Deimos Ares unknown God God of Fear
Demeter Cronus Rhea Goddess Goddess of Agriculture
Deucalion Prometheus none Mortal King of Phthia
Dike Zeus Themis Horae Goddess of Human Justice
Dino Phorcys Ceto Graeae Gray Sister(Witch)
Dionysus Zeus Semele God God of Wine & Pleasure
Doris Oceanus Tethys Oceanid Wife of Nereus
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