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Figures of Greek Myth - A-B
Achilles Peleus Thetis Mortal Legendary Hero of Trojan War
Aeacus Zeus Aegina Mortal King of Aegina
Aegisthus Thyestes Pelopia Mortal Killer of Pelops
Aeolus Hippotes unknown Mortal Keeper of the Winds
Aether Erebus Nyx God God of the upper atmosphere
Agamemnon Atreus Aerope Mortal King of Mycenae
Aglaia Zeus Eurynome Graces Goddess of Splendor
Alcmene Electryon unknown Mortal Mother of Heracles
Alcyone Atlas Pleione Pleiade Daughter of Atlas & Pleione
Alecto Uranus none Furies Punisher of Crime
Amphion Zeus Antiope Mortal Magically built the walls of Thebes
Amphitrite Oceanus Tethys Oceanid Wife of Poseidon
Andromeda Cepheus Cassiopeia Mortal Wife of Perseus
Antigone Oedipus Jocasta Mortal Princess of Thebes
Aphrodite Uranus(Hesiod) Zeus(Homeric) none(Hesiod) Dione(Homeric) Goddess Goddess of Love
Apollo Zeus Leto God God of Light, Youth, & Prophesy
Ares Zeus Hera God God of War
Arges Uranus Gaea Cyclops First Cyclops
Ariadne Minos Pasiphae Mortal Princess of Crete
Aristaeus Apollo Cyrene God Keeper of the Bees
Artemis Zeus Leto Goddess Goddess of the Hunt
Asclepius Apollo Coronis God God of Medicine
Asia Oceanus Tethys Nymph Wife of Prometheus
Asteria Coeus Phoebe Nymph Island of Asteria named after her
Ate Zeus Eris Goddess Goddess of Crime
Athena Zeus none or Metis (arguable) Goddess Goddess of Wisdom & War
Atlas Iapetus Clymene Titan Carried the weight of Earth
Atreus Pelops unknown Mortal King of Mycenae
Atropos Zeus Themis Fates Cut the thread of Life at Death
Bia Pallas Styx Goddess Goddess of Forceful Power
Briareus Uranus Gaea Hecatonchires Bodyguard of Zeus
Brontes Uranus Gaea Cyclops First Cyclops
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