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What's In a Name?

Well, the first thing you may be asking yourself is, "What is Etymology?" Etymology is simply the true meaning, origin, or history of a word.

What I have here are the true meanings of the names of some major figures from Greek mythology. This can have a lot of interesting uses. If you want to name a pet after a figure from Greek mythology, you can pick a name which truly represents the animal by knowing the etymology behind the name. You can also find out why characters named after figures from Greek myth are named what they're named. For instance, the character Apollo from the Rocky movies fits perfect. Apollo means "destroy & excite" and that's exactly what the character in Rocky did...destroyed his opponents and excited the audience. Have I caught your interest yet? Ok, here's the table....

Adonis Lord Dardanos Burn up
Aether Upper Air Dione Divine Queen
Aphrodite Foam born Dionysus Lame God
Apollo Destroy & Excite Doris Bountiful
Ares Man Eos Dawn
Artemis Fashion Epimetheus Afterthought
Athena Protectress Eris Strife
Atlas To Suffer Eros Desire
Astraeus Starry Gaea Earth
Atropos Inflexible Hades Unseen
Bia Force Hera Chosen One
Callisto Fairest Iris Rainbow
Calypso Hidden Medusa Ruler
Chaos Void Metis Wisdom
Charybdis Suck down Nike Victory
Chiron Hand Pan Everything
Circe Falcon Pandora All Gifted
Clotho Spinner Phoebus Radiant
Coeus Intelligent Pontus Sea
Coronis Raven Prometheus Forethought
Cratos Strength Psyche Soul
Cronus Crow Selene Moon
Daphne Laurel Themis Law
Tyche Luck Zelus Zeal

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