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1. Porn, warez, hate, cracks, excessively vulgar, and discriminative sites or anything explicit or illegal in that nature are not eligible for these awards.

2. The design and layout should be appealing right from the start. Some of the elements I like to see when evaluating design are:

  • Music controls (if you have music)
  • Working links, graphics, and sounds (if you have them)
  • Height and width tags on all images
  • A fairly original layout (as in not looking like everyone else's site)
  • Easily accessible content (in other words, easy to use navigation)
  • Great organization
  • Some kind of design scheme should be present. Every page should not be a completely different design. If you have a multi-themed site, you may use a different scheme for each unique section.
  • Readable text. Your text should be perfectly readable on your background.
  • Graphics that compliment your content, look great, load fairly quick, and aren't over-optimized.

Some of the elements that can hurt your evaluation include:

  • Loads of blinking things everywhere
  • WoRdS LiKe ThIs
  • Under-construction signs
  • My browser giving me the "error on page" message in the bottom corner
  • Tons of spelling and grammar mistakes (some are allowed, but not many)
  • Java applets with no real purpose (other than to slow down load time for me)
  • My browser crashing (automatic disqualification)
  • The necessity for seldom used plug-ins (hint: I really don't like Comet Cursor)
  • Horizontal scroll bars at 800x600 resolution (some leniency is given here, but not much)
  • Enormous font sizes. Keep things small and readable.
  • Pages that go on and on. I should be able to reach the bottom of each page within 3-4 clicks of the vertical scrollbar at 800x600 resolution.
  • Paragraphs that are centered throughout the site.
  • Automatic pop-ups (except those placed by free web space providers)

3. Your site must not contain a large amount of content in a "members only" section of your site. I shouldn't have to register to see all that your site has to offer. This rule is in effect as of 11/3/00.

4. If you are under the age of 14, you must get a parent to submit for you. Please view Spiffy Entertainment's Privacy Policy.

5. Load time should not exceed 1 minute on a 56K modem. Fast load time is a very crucial element. Web surfers are notorious for having a short attention span. If you can get the load time to a minute or less, you're in good shape.

6. The site absolutely, positively MUST be in English or have an English translated version to apply for the SE Excellence Award. I can't evaluate the content if I can't understand it. Sites that are not in English are more than welcome to apply for the Design of Elegance & Design of Excellence awards as those awards are focused towards graphic and overall design quality.

7. These awards are, for the most part, geared towards creative, resourceful, entertaining, and very well designed websites. Links-only sites and portals with no content of their own are excluded from this program. As of 3/1/01, business/commercial sites are eligible for the Design of Elegance and Design of Excellence awards.

8. You must display the award if you win (why bother applying if you don't want to display it?), so an awards page should be present on your site.

9. There must be a good amount of quality content. When I say content, I'm making reference to the written word. Galleries and other non-written material are also considered, but there must be some kind of written work present. Quantity is also considered. Ten pages is the minimum for the SE Excellence Award, seven pages for the Design of Elegance & Design of Excellence awards.

10. Good navigation is essential. There should be menus on all pages giving easy access to the main pages of your site. A separate index page is also a nice idea. This is a very critical area, so make sure it's up to par!

Please be absolutely certain your site passes this criteria. If you can go through this list item by item and honestly consider your site ready, you may be well on your way to winning an award from SE!

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