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Welcome to the Awards Shrine!
Below are samples of the awards offered by Spiffy Entertainment. There is also a short purpose and advanced criteria that must be met for each.

SE Award of Excellence
SE Design of Elegance Award
SE Design of Excellence Award
SE Great Site Award
Spiffy Entertainment's Award of Excellence and Great Site Award
The SE Award of Excellence is for those rare, indispensable sites that encompass everything that makes a superior site. Winners of this award show originality in content and/or design, have lots of quality content and show flawless navigation. This award is truly for the absolute best. Advanced criteria for this award include:
  • Basic Criteria met to perfection.
  • Originality present in design, content, graphics and presentation. Multimedia and the latest technologies are a plus if used optimally.
  • Original graphics made by you are a plus, but not absolutely necessary (in the case of the latter, be sure proper credit it given).
  • Outside sources of content must be properly credited.
  • Grammar, spelling and structure must be near perfection.
  • Must have at least 5 pages of content on your site's topic (or topics).
Sites that are very close to the level of excellence will receive the Great Site Award. Sites winning this award are just a step or two away from being one of the best.
Spiffy Entertainment's Design of Elegance & Design of Excellence Award
The Spiffy Entertainment Design of Elegance Award is here to award those sites with original graphic and overall design that really opens your eyes. The Design of Excellence Award is for excellently designed sites that aren't quite as graphically sound as that of the Elegance award. Here's the advanced criteria:
  • Must pass the basic criteria.
  • Graphics, design and layout must be stunning.
  • Originality is heavily considered. Ask yourself, "Is my site unique?"
  • Flash sites are very welcome, but must load within a reasonable amount of time (under a minute on 56k is preferable).
The Design of Excellence Award follows the same criteria except graphics aren't as crucial an element.

At this point, you should probably check out the winner's list next, but after going through the criteria, you can now access the application form.

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