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Awards Won Index

Awards Page 1 Awards Page 2 Awards Page 3 Awards Page 4
Eddie's Award of Excellence
WPG Gold Site
Phoenix Gate Award
Blue Rose Award
Super Cyber Site Award
Spyder's Empire Cool Site
J.Lauri Cool Site
Award of Excellence
Gold Award of Excellence
Caroline's Good Site Award
Flint's Hot Site Award
Site of Bronze Award
Compliments Award
Super Homepage Award
Mesweet's Gold Award
Smokin' Award
Twilight's Outstanding Site
GuestDirect's Gold Standard
FabFour Bronze Award
Scorpiosite Cool Site
Splendid Site Award
Tonya's Award of Excellence
Rozar's Outstanding Site
Rozar's Creative Site Award
Award of Excellence
Golden Cup Award
Emerald Isle Bright Site Award
Colleen's Corner Kool Site
Mortar Man Silver Award
Critical Mass Award
Asylum's Excellence Award
Brides of Kane Visionary Site
Dani's Webpage Award
Goddess Cool Site Award
Cap's Corner Award
Maggie's Awesome Site
5 Cheesy Poof Award
Silver Lace Award
Silver Surfer Bronze
Homegrown Award
Awards Page 5 Awards Page 6 Awards Page 7 Awards Page 8
Night Owl's Cool Site Award
Berry Patch Award
Hot Site Award
Wishing Well Excellence
Webpage Mastery Award
Golden Eagle Award
Sifu Jay's Excellence Award
Yaggi's Silver Award
Tulip Award of Excellence
Dragon Master Excellence
Frit's Farm Excellence
Friend to Felines Award
Twilight's Excellence Award
A Site to Behold Award
Femy's Gold Award
Awesome Site Award
Summer's Rain Cool Site
Roonierella's Heavenly Home
Roonierella's Excellence
Pandora's Box Excellence
Willie's Gold Award
Believe 2 Achieve Merit
King of the Jungle Award
Moondragon's Excellence
Gracie's World Excellence
ArmonWeb Originality Award
Nikki's Excellence Award
Silver Award
Dutch Ruby Silver Award
Excellent Website Award
Heather's Cool Site Award
Dog-Gone Graphic's Silver
Southern Nights Elegance
Cherdoo Silver Award
OnlyFreeStuff Award
TopazSkye's Excellence
Viper's Pit Slither Award
BMGD Award Review
Oklahoma's Gold Medal
Dak's Web Top 10 Award
Awards Page 9 Awards Page 10 Awards Page 11 Awards Page 12
Omega Seal of Approval
Outstanding Website Award
Angel's Cyberriffic Award
Two Bit Award
IAS Kindness Award
Award of Excellent Quality
Aloha Award
Karen's Site Award
Creative Excellence Award
Enigma Mystic's Excellence
Webpearl's Excellence Award
MadCool Honorable Mention
Steliart Cool Site Award
Wonderful Webpage Award
Movie-Page's Cool Site Award
An Effort in Grace Silver
Art Pro Web Award
Webpage Approval Award
Personal Site Accomplishment
Joschi's Excellence Award
Yvonne's Silver Excellence
Sit & Entertain Me Award
Dragonwood's Cool Site
World Kaos Top 5% Award
World Kaos Better than Rest
Bronze Award
Cool Site Award
Award of Excellence
Cecilia's Award of Excellence
2nd Incomes Gold Award
Originality/Content Award
Medusa's Gold Award
Medusa's Awesome Award
Step Above the Rest Award
Hyperlinks Gold Award
Shanty's Gold Award
Susanne's Great Site Award
Arden Pages Top 5 Award
WebMaggic Cool Site Award
Webmaster Award
Awards Page 13 Awards Page 14 Awards Page 15 Awards Page 16
Tristen's World Gold Award
Audrey's Universal Charm
LP Queen Award
Spyder's Empire Golden Exel.
Planet GIF Gold Site Award
Warm Ember's Cool Site
The Rumbles Silver Award
Night Badger's Excellence
Night Badger's Family Friendly
Great, Amazing, Extraordinary
Golden Aardvark Award
MYOB Cool Site Award
Nar's Best of the Web
Peacework Certified Silver
Midnight Sun Excellence
Gold Mouse Award
Storm Keeper Excellence
Golden Apple Excellence
Superior Site Award
Sky & Wolfer's Cool Site
Believe 2 Achieve Silver
Millennium Award
Dragon's Lair Excellence
Bronze Quill Award
Gr8 Entertainment Award
Private Eye Excellence
Docu-Type's Superb Choice
HavenHood's Outstanding
Otakou Creative Design
Night Owl's Gold Award
Signature Award for Design
Arete Wave of a Site
Top Site 2000 Award
Martian Bronze Award
Kelran's Excellence Award
WebStudio Gold Award
Pegasus Best of the Best
Webkin Silver Award
Manor's Best Homepage
Sundsberget's Cool Site
Awards Page 17 Awards Page 18 Awards Page 19 Awards Page 20
Oklahoma Silver Excellence
Rosa's Awesome Site Award
Jewel of the Web (Ruby)
Dollar Award of Praise
Lexie's Superior Site Award
Critical Depth Merit Award
Season's of Change Gold
Rhonda's Choice Award
Golden Web Award 1999
Chaney Graphics Nuclear Site
B. Russian Terrier Excellence
The Angel's Award of Excel.
Peacework Silver Site Award
Sunshine's Great Site Award
Sir George's Silver Paw
SpiritWolf's Excellence Award
Boudoir Poetic Excellence
Bob's Steel Website Award
Lynx Award 2000
Harbeson Bronze Excellence
Handy Hand Excellence
Pretty Girl's Website Award
Jeffrey's Silver Excellence
Brian's Special Award
Lynx 2000 Gold Award
Critic's Choice Web Excellence
Tasha's Excellence Award
B5 Best of the Web
Circus World Bronze Award
Val's Award of Excellence
Eddnet Silver Award
Silver Trophy Excellence
Golden Web Award 2000-01
Michael's Silver Excellence
Lauren's Excellence Award
Abhijit's Bronze Award
Excellence in Web Design
Golden Website Award 2000
GMDesign's Gold Award
Once in a Blue Moon Award
Awards Page 21 Awards Page 22 Awards Page 23 Awards Page 24
Internet Tips Excellence
Allison's Best on the Net
Gabriel's Website Excellence
Outstanding Web Excellence
Krista's Korner Bronze Award
Web Design Bronze Excellence
Sugar_31's Excellence Award
Jule's Award
Breezy's Gold Award
The Critter Likes Award
Ever Eden Cool Site Award
Shadow Poetry Creative Awd
iNet Bronze Award
IceDiamond Merit Award
Tritia's Bronze Award
PC Bronze Excellence Award
Ashley Alquine's Excellence
Art Rose Exciting Bronze
Gadzillion Award
Shari's Web Design Award
Latrobe City's Silver Award
MMSeeker's Creative Award
Zanavon's Silver Award
Dragon Muse Silver Award
Thu's Bronze Award
Kokopelli's Bronze Award
Doug's World Creative Design
5 Star Website Award
H&A Silver Medal Award
Believe 2 Achieve Gold Award
Millennium Design Bronze
Creative Assoc. Gold Award
Angelsnote Silver Award
Casey's Celtic Charm (Silver)
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