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Application Form

Fill out the form below completely, and I'll review your site as soon as possible. If for some reason the form does not work for you, e-mail the form info to: djroemello69@hotmail.com with "SE Award Submission" in the subject line. Reply time is 2-4 weeks.

Once again. If you're under the age of 14, do not submit information to this site. Have a parent submit for you. See the Privacy Policy.

If you win, I'll notify you by e-mail and send the award along as an attachment. If your e-mail can't handle attachments and/or HTML mail, please let me know ahead of time in the "description" area of the form, and I'll arrange for you to get the award another way. If you don't win an award, please don't be angry or discouraged. As I've stated in the introduction, these are quite difficult to win. Keep in mind, you can always re-apply and try again if you don't make it this time around. Just be sure you make improvements before you do to maximize your chances of winning. Many sites I evaluate are quite award worthy, but it takes more than the average to earn these prestigious accolades.

Good Luck!

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