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Mountain Village, Goron Village, Snowhead Temple

30. What you need: Don Gero Mask
Find the four frogs located across Termina. Specifically:

Laundry pool in Clock Town
A Log in Southern Swamp
After defeating the frog (Gekko) at Woodfall Temple
After defeating the frog (Gekko) at Great Bay Temple

After finding these frogs and talking to them with the Don Gero Mask, defeat Goht at Snowhead Temple and talk to the frog choir with the Don Gero Mask to get a piece of heart.

31. What you need: Deku Scrub Mask, Swamp Title Deed
Take the Title Deed you get from the Deku Scrub in the swamp to the Deku Scrub outside the Goron Village to get a piece of heart (you must talk to the scrub while wearing the Deku Mask).

32. What you need: Zora Mask
After you defeat Goht at Snowhead Temple, go to the area just before the Goron Village area (the one with the bridges and Wolfos). The ice will have melted. Dive into the water as Zora Link and find the chest for a piece of heart.

33. What you need: Lens of Truth, Hookshot, Scarecrow Song
Go to the area just before the Snowhead Temple (where the ramps are). Use the Lens of Truth to find the platforms. Jump across them and play the Scarecrow song on the last one. Hookshot over to the Scarecrow to get the piece of heart.

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