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Bottle Locations

These bottles aren't all that hard to find, but for the benefit of those who're having trouble, here you go!

1. Go to Southern Swamp. When you arrive at the tourist house, take a left and head to Koume's potion shop. After talking to her, head to the Forest of Mystery and follow the monkey to Kotake. She'll tell you she needs some kind of life. Go back to Koume's shop and talk to her again. This time she'll give you some red potion in a bottle. Give Kotake the potion and you keep the bottle.

2. After you defeat Goht at Snowhead Temple, go back to Goron village and visit the Goron living in a cave outside the village (the one that was previously iced over). He'll give you a Powder Keg. Take the Keg to a large rock on a hill in the area where all the bridges are. Blow up the rock and enter the Goron races. Win the race and you'll be given a bottle of Gold Dust. Give the dust to the swordsmith to get your Guilded Sword and keep the bottle.

3. On the first day, take a Powder Keg to Milk Road and blow up the boulder blocking Romani Ranch. Go in and talk to Romani. She'll tell you to meet her later to protect the barn. Do just that. If you successfully protect the barn, she'll give you a bottle of Milk.

4. After defeating Gyorg at Great Bay Temple, head back to the west end of Great Bay Coast. Find the area where there are platforms high above. Use the scarecrow song to get to the first platform, then just continue using the hookshot to get to a cave. Defeat the beavers in a race to get their bottle.

5. During the course of the big Kafei/Anju marriage sequence, personally deliver the express mail to Kafei's mother at the Milk Bar to get a bottle of Chateau Romani.

6. On the final day, go to Ikana Graveyard at night. Using the Captain's Hat, tell the Stalkids guarding the grave to open it. Go down and lead Dampe to each dirt mound to reveal a Big Poe. Kill the Big Poe to get your final bottle.

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