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The latest title in the legend...The Wind Waker. Everyone seems to have their own theories as to where this is placed. Mine, as I outlined on the Hyrule page, is that it takes place sometime after A Link to the Past. The land of Hyrule is sunk and sealed away below the Great Sea after Ganon was revived and attempted to rule over the land once again. All that remains above water are the peaks of the ancient land.

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Hidden away in the Foresaken Fortress, Ganon has his minions searching out all girls with long ears in hopes of finding Princess Zelda and the Triforce of Wisdom once again. At the same time, a young boy on Outset Island named Link comes of age. One day, a giant bird holding a young girl flew across the island, chased by a pirate ship. The pirates shot a rock at the bird, knocking the girl out of it's talon and into the forest atop Outset Island. Link rushes out to see if the girl is ok and finds the girl to be a pirate named Tetra. Leaving the forest, Link sees his sister Aryll across the bridge. As she advances, the bird returns and captures Aryll. Determined to save her, Link joins up with the pirates and sails off to rescue her. And so begins the adventure of the Hero of Wind...


Don't exactly have a whole lot done for this yet. I'll get it done though eventually ;) So far, I put together a map of the Great Sea and a listing of everything in the Nintendo Gallery.

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