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The Oracle series...about as difficult to figure it's place in the Zelda story as it is to defeat. I have three theories as to where this story goes. First, they could be sequels (with Seasons first and Ages second) to Zelda II. The other theory is that it may be a prequel to Link's Awakening (because Link leaves in a boat at the end). My third theory is that they come right after Majora's Mask. The third seems most likely as Link still has Epona, the triforce still rests in the Temple of Time and many characters from OoT and MM are still around in this series.

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As I said above and also in the Oracle of Seasons section, I'm going with the theory that this game is the sequel to Oracle of Seasons. After freeing the land of Holodrum from the dark attempts of General Onox and freeing Din, the Oracle of Seasons, Link is once again brought forth by the Triforce. It seems Koume and Kotake are causing trouble in the land of Labrynna. So with that, Link is transported once again to a new land.

When he arrives, Link finds Impa being attacked by a group of Moblins in the woods (deja vu from the story of the original Legend of Zelda). Impa then asks that Link help move a stone marked with a triforce. Link does and enters the sacred grove of Nayru. After Link brought Impa in, the skys grew dark and the master of shadows, Veran, exits Impa's body and takes over the body of Nayru, the Oracle of Ages. With that, she assumes control of time itself and heads to the past to wreak havoc on the present. With that, Link begins his quest to free yet another land from another menace...

This section, like the Oracle of Seasons section, is still in it's creation stages. All that's done right now is the Dungeons of Labrynna page and the Items of Ages. Come back soon for more of the Oracle of Ages!

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