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The Oracle series...about as difficult to figure it's place in the Zelda story as it is to defeat. I have three theories as to where this story goes. First, they could be sequels (with Seasons first and Ages second) to Zelda II. The other theory is that it may be a prequel to Link's Awakening (because Link leaves in a boat at the end). My third theory is that they come right after Majora's Mask. The third seems most likely as Link still has Epona, the triforce still rests in the Temple of Time and many characters from OoT and MM are still around in this series.

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As I said above, I'm going by my third theory that the Oracles are sequels to Majora's Mask. After returning to Hyrule from Termina, Link set off to the Temple of Time to consult the Triforce as to what lied ahead for the hero. The triforce then transported Link to the land of Holodrum. After arriving in this new strange land, he found a group locals drinking it up as a beautiful young woman danced about. Link approached her and joined...but only briefly. The sky grew dark and Onox, General of Darkness revealed the dancing woman to be Din, the Oracle of Seasons. Onox swept her away in a tornado.

With Din bound in a force crystal, the seasons went into chaos throughout the land of Holodrum and the Temple of Seasons collapsed into the ground below to the land of Subrosia where it could no longer help control the four seasons....

This section obviously still needs a good bit of work. So far I only have the Dungeons of Holodrum and Items of Seasons pages done.

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