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After long deliberation, I've finally decided to add Zelda IV to this Legend of Zelda section. The gameboy color version really brought new life to the game for me and I enjoyed it a lot more the second time around.

This game is actually the...hold on, it's still the fourth in the series even if followed chronologically! The story to 'Link's Awakening' picks up right where 'A Link to the Past' leaves off. This time however, things aren't taking place in Hyrule....now Link has found himself shipwrecked on Koholint Island with a treasure trove full of mystery.....

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After defeating Ganon in 'A Link to the Past', it's said that Link traveled across the world in search of adventure and to better his skills. One day as he was traveling across the ocean, a huge storm broke out that tossed Link's ship into a nearby island where it was utterly destroyed leaving Link unconscious on the beach. A young girl found Link on the beach and helped the injured hero back to her village.

After a nice long sleep, Link awakes to find himself in a house being looked after by a young girl named Marin. Marin's father, Tarin, informed Link of the trouble happening on the island. He gave Link his shield and Link set off to the beach to recover his sword. After taking his sword, a mysterious owl came down from above and told Link that in order for him to leave, he had to wake the Wind Fish.

And so....Link set off on one of his most difficult quests ever to awaken the fabled Wind Fish. . .

Now we get down the reason you probably came to this section in the first place...information on the game and a little help in defeating this difficult adventure.

linkFirst up on the agenda is to take a trip to Koholint Island. Or you could jump right to the Nightmare Dungeons where-in lies maps to those places which drive you insane!

linkNext we have info on Link's new items. Also, for those who need help finding things, there's a quick guide to the heart containers, secret seashells, and the trading sequence.

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