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What do you know? This one actually is Zelda 3 if followed chronologically! This game in the series occurs many, many, many years after Ocarina of Time and many, many years before Zelda 1 & 2. This game introduces us to the Dark World which was once the Golden Land where the Triforce lies. Years after being sealed away by the Link and the seven sages in Ocarina of Time, Ganon finds a way to weasel himself back into Hyrule....

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The Story

Hyrule is in the midst of an age of peace. Since Ganondorf was sealed away so many years ago, all has been well in the land of Hyrule. One day however, things began to go terribly wrong. Disasters striking everywhere, pestilence, drought. You name it, if it was wrong, it was happening in Hyrule. The King didn't know what to do...then came the wizard. A strange wizard by the name of Agahnim cured the land of it's disasters almost instantly. The King soon made Agahnim a royal advisor. Not long after this, the King mysteriously disappeared and Agahnim took over the throne of Hyrule. He then captured the seven descendents of the original seven sages that imprisoned Ganon in the Golden Land. He successfully imprisoned the first six in the Dark World. The only one left was the descendant of Princess Zelda, also named Zelda.

One night, she telepathically calls for help. The descendant of Link, also named Link, and his uncle heard this plea for help. Link's uncle then proceeded to the rescue. Link soon followed after and found his uncle mortally wounded in a secret passage into Hyrule Castle. Link took his uncle's sword and shield and like his ancestor, courageously began his adventure....

What tour would be complete without checking out Link's new items?
Also featured is the location of all the heart containers.

Click on Link to go to Hyrule (The Light World) or click on Ganon to go to the Golden Land (The Dark World).

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