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This may be named Zelda 2, but in reality this is the last episode in the series if followed chronologically. The story of this game takes place about 6-7 years after Link defeated Ganon in Zelda 1. If you could view a complete map of Hyrule, this game takes place north of Death Mountain and beyond. If you remember, Zelda 1 took place south of Death Mountain so this game is in a whole other section of Hyrule.

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After the slaying of Ganon, Hyrule had faced a fairly turbulent, but productive 6-7 years. With Ganon dead, his minions sought out to kill the hero, Link. For only the blood of the hero poured upon the ashes of Ganon would the King of Evil rise again. On his 16th birthday, the symbol of the Triforce began resonating on the hand of the Hero. Impa told Link of a legend...the Legend of Zelda...of the fallen Princess of ages past, still in eternal slumber within the North Palace (See Hyrule History page for more on this). After telling Link of the events that had occured, Link set off on his final quest to seal 6 temples and enter the Great Palace to attain the Triforce of Courage, unite the 3 Forces of the Triforce once more and free the sleeping Princess.

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