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Oracle of Ages - Items

One of the things that makes this Zelda series so great is the new array of items introduced from game to game. Of course there's some old ones too, but there's got to be some consistency.

Dungeon Items

power braceletPower Bracelet (L1) roc's featherRoc's Feather (L2) seed shooterSeed Shooter (L3) switch hookSwitch Hook (L4)
cane of somariaCane of Somaria (L5) mermaid suitMermaid Suit (L6) long hookLong Hook (L7) power glovePower Glove (L8)

Essences of Nature

eternal spiritEternal Spirit (L1) ancient woodAncient Wood (L2) echoing howlEchoing Howl (L3) burning flameBurning Flame (L4)
sacred soilSacred Soil (L5) lonely peakLonely Peak (L6) rolling seaRolling Sea (L7) falling starFalling Star (L8)

Misc. Items

bombsBombs boomerangBoomerang seed satchelSeed Satchel shovelShovel
wood shieldWooden Shield iron shieldIron Shield mirror shieldMirror Shield harp of agesHarp of Ages
bombchuBombchu noble swordNoble Sword master swordMaster Sword biggoron swordBiggoron Sword
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