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The first new page to hit this section in a long time! I decided it was time to take action on my lack of graphics, so I sat down for a nice long while with good old PSP and recreated the items. To my knowledge, I'm the only one that actually has these, so they're exclusive. That being the case, you can't take these bad boys....well, there are a couple ways...but I don't suggest it. If you really want to use them on your site, e-mail me and I'll most likely oblige. As long as I get my credit and link back, I don't mind! :)

Temple Items as Young Link

fairy slingshotFairy Slingshot - Found in Great Deku Tree bombBomb - Found in Dodongo's Cavern boomerangBoomerang - Found in Jabu Jabu's Belly

Magic Spells

Din's FireDin's Fire Farore's WindFarore's Wind Nayru's LoveNayru's Love

Miscellaneous Items

deku stickDeku Stick deku nutDeku Nut lens of truthLens of Truth bombchuBombchu magic beanMagic Bean
fairy bowFairy Bow fire arrowFire Arrow ice arrowIce Arrow light arrowLight Arrow hookshotHookshot
hammerHammer bottleBottle maskKeaton Mask heart pieceHeart Piece heart containerHeart Cont.

Auto-Equip Items

deku seedDeku Seed Bag quiverQuiver bomb bagBomb Bag goron braceGoron Brace silver scaleSilver Scale

Apparel Items (Swords, Shields, Tunics, and Boots)

kokiri swordKokiri Sword deku shieldDeku Shield kokiri tunicKokiri Tunic kokiri bootsKokiri Boots
master swordMaster Sword hylian shieldHylian Shield goron tunicGoron Tunic iron bootsIron Boots
goron swordBiggoron Sword mirror shieldMirror Shield zora tunicZora Tunic winged bootsWinged Boots

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