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The Trading Sequence

Windfish EggJust like in Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, we have a little trading sequence we have to get through. It's very much worth your time to go through this as the weapon you receive at the end kills the last boss of the game in one hit! Not only that, you need to get the final traded item to be able to finish the game. So without further ado, here's a run through of what you must do.

1. The Yoshi Doll - Ok, this one is wicked easy to get. Earn yourself a nice pocket full of rupees and head to the Trendy Game in Mabe Village. Use the little arm thingy to grab the Yoshi Doll in the middle...simple as that! (It's all about timing. Just remember....you only get to move the arm twice).

2. The Ribbon - Another very simple one to get. Go to the house on the hill at the north end of Mabe Village. Give the mother the Yoshi Doll for her child and she'll give you the Ribbon.

3. The Dog Food - Boy....this is just way too simplistic. Take the Ribbon inside the little dog house at Madam MeowMeow's house. Give the Ribbon to the little BowWow and she'll give you the Dog Food.

4. The Bananas - Remember that house on the beach with the Crocodile? Head back down to see him. Give him the Dog Food and he'll finally let you have some Bananas!

5. The Stick - When you're on your way to recover the missing gold leaves, you'll come upon a monkey. Give him your Bananas and he and his friends will make a bridge. When they're done, pick up the loose Stick!

6. The Honeycomb - After defeating the Key Cavern, you'll notice Tarin hanging out by the tree with the honeycomb. Give him the stick and he'll start poking away at the bee's nest. After the bees chase him away, grab the Honeycomb that falls!

7. The Pineapple - Bring the Honeycomb over to the house at the bottom right of Animal Village. Give the Bear Chef the Honeycomb and he'll give you a Pineapple in return!

8. The Hibiscus Flower - On your way up Tal Tal Heights, you'll notice a guy just sitting there. Save his life by giving him the Pineapple and he'll give you the Hibiscus Flower!

9. The Letter - Bring the Hibiscus Flower back to Animal Village and give it to that Goat Chick in the house at the top right. She'll then give you a letter to take to a guy north of the Mysterious Forest.

10. The Broom - Gee....I wonder where you have to take that Letter....Anyway, make your way north of the Mysterious Forest and give the letter to the old guy in the house. He'll then give you an old broom.

11. The Fishing Hook - Go to Mabe Village and find the old lady that's sweeping without a broom. Give her the old broom you just got and she'll give you the Fishing Hook!

12. The Necklace - When you have the Flippers, go to Martha's Bay and swim to the bridge to the south. Use your diving technique to dive under the bridge. Give the Fishing Hook to the fisherman under there and he'll catch the Necklace!

13. The Scale - Bring the Necklace to the Mermaid in Martha's Bay. As promised, she'll let you pick a scale off her behind :)

14. The Magnifying Glass - Take that Scale across the wooden bridge at the south end of Martha's Bay (yes, the same one where you got the Fishing Hook) and place the Scale on the Mermaid Statue. Go into the cave that appears after the Mermaid moves and grab the Magnifying Glass!

15. The Boomerang - Well, the Magnifying Glass was actually the last item you need in the trading sequence, but there's one more item you can grab out of this. Go down to the east-most part of Torombo Shores and bomb the wall. Now that you have the Magnifying Glass, you'll be able to see a Moblin guy. Trade him your Shovel (which you no longer need at this point) and he'll give you the Boomerang. Should you ever want your shovel back, you can trade the Boomerang back for it.

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