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The Secret Seashells

Ok, there's actually 25 of these in total, but you don't need to find them all....you only need 20 to get the Shell Sword. If you want the locations to all of them, check out the 'Koholint Island' page to get their map coordinates. What I'll list here is the first 20 that you need to get the Shell Sword.

1. Mabe Village (B11) - After you buy the shovel, go to the dog house at Madam MeowMeow's and dig up the dirt inside....there's your first seashell!

2. Mabe Village (D11) - I'm sure you've seen this area....you know that part of Mabe Village on the east side with all those bushes? Well, just cut 'em all down and get another seashell!

3. Tail Cave (D14) - Use your bomb on the cracked wall in the room with the mini-Moldorm to enter a hidden room with another seashell.

4. Mysterious Forest (B8) - After exploring this place, I'm sure you've found the chest blocked off by rocks. Pick up the rocks and get to the chest for another seashell.

5. Ukuku Prairie (E8) - In the graveyard, find the bush surrounded by weeds. Cut down the bush, dig in that spot with the shovel, and grab your seashell.

6. Seashell Shrine (K9) - If you have exactly 5 seashells and go to the shrine, you'll get another seashell from here. (NOTE: Only works with 5 seashells).

7. Ukuku Prairie (L9) - Cut the bushes just to the right of the Seashell Shrine for another shell.

8. Ukuku Prairie (F11) - Dig a hole just north of the Key Cavern for yet another seashell.

9. Near Tail Cave (C14) - En route to the Tail Cave, you've probably noticed a single, out of place tree. Dash into this tree with the Pegasus Boots for another shell.

10. Richard's Villa (G14) - After retrieving the golden leaves, go down the stairs, take the left path and get the chest for another shell.

11. Seashell Shrine (K9) - Just like before, go back to the Shrine with exactly 10 shells for another shell!

12. Ukuku Prairie (E11) - At these coordinates there's a telephone booth. Use the Pegasus Boots to dash into it and grab the seashell that pops out!

13. Ukuku Prairie (I11) - This one actually starts in the cave at (I12). Go in this cave and bomb the left wall. Continue on outside, go up and dig around the owl statue for another seashell.

14. Ukuku Prairie (J12) - Is it me, or is Ukuku Prairie just a goldmine! Ok, around this area should be a bunch of donut blocks and a lone rock. Lift the rock to get another shell.

15. Martha's Bay (I16) - Just south of the bay there's a little island with a lone bush. Cut the bush and grab the seashell....whoo-hoo!

16. Martha's Bay (J15) - If you go to these coordinates, you should be on the screen with the Mermaid Statue. See that lone bush up there in the corner? You have to make your way around to that bush, cut it, and grab the seashell!

17. Near Key Cavern (G11) - Up at the northeast portion, use your Roc's Feather to jump across the islands, cut the bush and grab your shell! (is this getting monotonous yet or what?)

18. Yarna Desert (P16) - If you take the path at the top the wraps around to the bottom right, you'll come upon a stone. Lift the stone and toss it away......you know what's next! Take the shell!

19. Martha's Bay (K14) - Remember that bridge at the south end of Martha's Bay? Cross it to get to an owl statue. Whip out that trusty dusty shovel, dig, and get your seashell.

20. Ghost's House (G16) - Holy Mackeral, it's finally over!! After you return the ghost to his grave, go back to his house at Torombo Shores, lift the pots and get that last blasted seashell. Now go back that Seashell Shrine and get yourself a new sword!!!!

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