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Koholint: The Dream Island. . .

After progressing a little through his quest, Link finds that this mystical island he's landed on is but a dream...the dream of the Wind Fish. When you look at it, Koholint looks very similar to the Hyrule we're used to. There's a mountain area, a lake, towns, woods, a desert and of course....the open field. Below is a map of Koholint Island. On the side is a quick reference guide to the locations of the dungeons and certain items. Specifics on finding these secret items can be found on their respective pages in this section.


(A11), (B9), (E5), (A6), (G9)
(O13), (O3), (I8), (H1), (N13)
(G8), (A1)


(D11), (B11), (D14), (B8), (E8)
(K9), (F11), (C14), (G16), (I16)
(I11), (J12), (L9), (J15), (G14)
(E11), (K14), (P16), (G11), (M9)
(I8), (O1), (M1), (N2)

Koholint Map


Level 1: Tail Cave (N4)
Level 2: Bottle Grotto (C5)
Level 3: Key Cavern (L6)
Level 4: Angler's Tunnel (C12)
Level 5: Catfish's Maw (N10)
Level 6: Face Shrine (I13)
Level 7: Eagle's Tower (A15)
Level 8: Turtle Rock (B1)
Level 9: Windfish's Egg (A7)

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