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What Zelda adventure is complete without a brand new arsenal of equipment. Not only is this a unique game in both storyline and format, but there's some unique items only found on the Isle of Koholint.


roc's featherRoc's Feather (L1) power braceletPower Bracelet (L2) pegasus bootsPegasus Boots (L3) flippersFlippers (L4)
hookshotHookshot (L5) power braceletPower Bracelet 2 (L6) shieldMirror Shield (L7) magic rodMagic Rod (L8)


full moon celloFull Moon Cello conch hornConch Horn lilys bellLily's Bell sea harpSea Harp
wind marimbaWind Marimba coral triangleCoral Triangle organ of eveningOrgan of Evening Calm thunder drumThunder Drum


shell swordShell Sword bombBomb boomerangBoomerang bowBow
magic powderMagic Powder magnifying glassMagnifying Glass ocarinaOcarina potionCrazy Tracy's Potion
shovelShovel swordSword
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