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Heart Piece Locations

The map on the 'Koholint Island' page of this section has a map and coordinates to where these are. This is just a written explanation of how to get them one you get to those spots where they're hidden.


1. Mabe Village (A11) - After getting your sword at the very beginning, go back up the path to Mabe Village and keeping going up until you reach a well. Cut the bushes, drop down the well, and voila! Your first heart!

2. Mabe Village (B9) - Your next heart piece is right behind Madam MeowMeow's house. I suggest you get yourself about 50 rupees before going for this one. You have to play the fishing game. Once you catch all the fish, the last big one you catch will cough up a heart piece.

3. Mysterious Forest (E5) - Just outside the forest in the northeast area, there's a heart piece surrounded by holes. Once you have the Roc's Feather from the first dungeon, jump over the holes and take your heart!

4. Mysterious Forest (A6) - When you have the first power bracelet, go to the log cave and into the room with a lot of blocks and a couple skull rocks. Pick up the skull rocks to make your way to the piece of heart!

5. Ukuku Prairie (G9) - Use a bomb to upon up the hidden cave located at the coordinates given. Dash through all the crystals with the Pegasus Boots. At the very top most part of the cave, bomb the lower right wall to open up a secret passage to your next piece of heart!

6. Yarna Desert (O13) - After you beat the Lanmola in the desert, fall into the middle of this area...this will drop you into a cave. Bomb the upper wall to find yet another piece of heart.

7. Angler's Cave (O3) - Immediately after defeating Angler's Tunnel, use your flippers and swim to the first cave on the right and go in. Use your diving technique right near the entrance to the cave to find a piece of heart. Hang in there.....almost done.

8. Kanalet Castle (I8) - Once again, use your flippers and swim to the bottom left portion of the moat around Kanalet Castle. Use your diving technique in this area to get yet another piece of heart.

9. Tal Tal Heights (H1) - Make your way east in the mountains via that cave surrounded by 3 rocks. Make your way to the bridges above and cross them heading west. You should end up at a dead end with a lonely bush. Cut the bush to reveal a cave. Go down, bomb the wall in the very first room and voila! Heart Piece!

10. Animal Village (N13) - Go around the village until you reach the far east side. You should be walking up a thin path leading to a cracked wall. Bomb the wall, cross the hole with the hookshot, and claim your heart!

11. Graveyard (G8) - In the bottom left portion of the graveyard, move the bottom right grave to reveal a cave. Go down, bomb the bombable rock, and grab your heart (you can also do this with a well placed diagonal jump). One more to go!!

12. Tal Tal Heights/Turtle Rock (A1) - Inside the Turtle Rock dungeon there's a staircase leading upwards. Take this staircase to exit the dungeon and claim the piece of heart at the top of the mountain. That's it!

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