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Link's Items

Tons of new items for Link in this new quest. Check 'em out!

Palace & Dungeon Items

bowBow - Eastern Palace glovePower Glove - Desert Palace moon pearlMoon Pearl - Tower of Hera
boomerangBoomerang - Hyrule Castle hammerHammer - Dark Palace hookshotHookshot - Swamp Palace
firerodFirerod - Skull Woods Palace titans mittTitan's Mitt - Gargoyle's Domain shirtBlue Armor - Ice Palace
staff of syriaStaff of Syria - Misery Mire Palace mirror shieldMirror Shield - Turtle Rock Palace shirtRed Armor - Ganon's Tower

The Pendants

couragePendant of Courage - Eastern Palace powerPendant of Power - Desert Palace wisdomPendant of Wisdom - Tower of Hera

Magic Emblems

boltEther - Lightening Spell bombosBombos - Fire Spell quakeQuake - Earthquake Spell

Other Items

big keyBig Key bombBomb bookBook of Mudora
bootsPegasus Boots bottleBottle bug netBug Catching Net
capeMagic Cape flipperZora's Flippers ice rodIce Rod
lanternLantern mirrorMagic Mirror ocarinaOcarina
powderMagic Powder shieldShield staff of byrnaStaff of Byrna
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