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Heart Containers

Well, here's where the Zelda series gets much better. Much more intricate and larger scale. Unlike the previous two games in the series where you looked for completed heart containers, in this one, you now have to find pieces of heart to form each heart container. Here are the locations of all 24.

1. Lost Woods - Right above the thieves hidout there's a patch of leaves. cut the middle one to reveal a hole where you'll get a piece of heart.

2. Blind's Hideout - Take a bomb down to the basement and blow up the cracked wall. Inside you'll find a piece of heart.

3. Kakariko Village - Fall into the well and bomb the cracked wall.

4. Kakariko Village - Play and win the 15-second game at the south west end of Kakariko Village.

5. Swamp - Walk down to the ruins, enter and push the lever on the right. Exit the ruins and get the piece of heart.

6. Desert - In the north east section of the desert there's a cave. Enter it and bomb the cracked wall.

7. West of Sanctuary - Dash against the large stone west of Sanctuary to reveal an underground cave and another piece of heart.

8. Desert - Leave the Desert Palace from the left exit. Walk down the narrow path to another piece of heart.

9. Zora's Falls - After you get the flippers from Zora, fall down the first waterfall, then head west. You'll find yet another!

10. Spectacle Rock - Fall down onto a ledge near spectacle rock and enter a cave to get #10.

11. Spectacle Rock - After you get the mirror, go to the dark world. Stand on spectacle rock and use the mirror. You'll reappear on spectacle rock where there's another piece of heart.

12. The Tree - After you defeat Agahnim for the first time, go to the tree where the woodsmen hut is. You'll notice they're no longer cutting it allowing you to dash into it. Enter the tree and get another piece of heart.

13. Pyramid of Power - Drop down along the right side until you get to the piece of heart.

14. Lake Hylia - While in the dark world, find the circle of stones in Lake Hylia. Use the mirror and collect the piece of heart on the island where you stand in the light world.

15. Haunted Grove - Just a few steps south east of where the boy plays the ocarina in the dark world, there's a circle of bushes. Use the mirror while in the middle of those bushes and enter the cave that appears when you transport to the light world.

16. Digging Game - Play the digging game in the Village of Outcasts (dark world). There's a piece of heart somewhere in that field to dig up.

17. The Cemetary - Just north of the cemetary in the dark world, there's a ladder. Go up the ladder and use the mirror. One in the light world, enter the cave you've just transported in front of and get another piece of heart.

18. The Cape - After getting the magic cape, go to the entrance to Death Mountain in the dark world. Inside the cave, use the cape to get by the obstacle and get the piece of heart.

19. The Chests Game - Play the chest game in the Village of Outcasts. Eventually you'll find a piece of heart in one of them.

20. Village of Outcasts - In the dark world in the same place where the Smithy's house is located in the lightworld there's a group of stakes. Hit them all with the hammer to reveal a cave an heart piece #20.

21. Misery Mire - In the west cave of the entrance to Misery Mire Palace there's a piece of heart.

22. Misery Mire - In the north east corner there's a dry patch of land. Use the mirror to transport to a ledge in the lightworld where there's a large rock. Lift the rock to reveal a cave.

23. Death Mountain - On Death Mountain in the dark world there seems to be a floating island. Lift the rock just below it and enter. Cross the invisible bridge which will bring you to this "island" and get the piece of heart on it.

24. Turtle Rock - Just outside the entrance to where the Mirror Shield is, use the mirror to transport to a cave in the light world where you'll find the last piece of heart.

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