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Village-Towns of Hyrule

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After the death of Ganon, towns began to spring up all over the northern part of Hyrule. Each town has a wizard who teaches magical spells to those worthy of their knowledge. In some cases a deed must be carried out to attain the spell. Below is a little info on each of the towns of Hyrule and the spells you can attain upon your visit.

RAURU - If memory serves me correctly, Rauru was named after the eldest original sage, Rauru. To get the spell in this town you have but to ask. Just go to the wizard and he'll give you the SHIELD magic.

RUTO - This town is named after one of the original sages of Hyrule, Princess Ruto, daughter of King Zora. To get the spell in this town, Link must find a statue that was stolen by a Goriya living in a cave in the Tantari Desert. After retrieving the statue, the wizard will grant you the magic of JUMP.

SARIA - This town is named after another of the original sages of Hyrule. Saria was a Kokiri girl and sage of forest. The wizard in this town will give you one of the most useful spells in the game, the LIFE magic.

MIDO - This town is named after the chief of an ancient tribe of forest kids once known as the Kokiri. To attain the spell in this town, Link must find medicine to cure a child. The wizard will then give Link the FAIRY magic.

NABOORU - Yet another town named after one of the original sages of Hyrule. Nabooru was a freelance Gerudo thief. She also came to be the sage of the desert. The wizard of this town will give Link the magic of FIRE.

DARUNIA - Can you believe it? Another town named after one of the original sages. Darunia was the leader of the Gorons, a clan of friendly rock eating giants living on Death Mountain. To receive the spell in this town, Link must rescue a child held captive on Maze Island. For this deed, Link receives the magic of REFLECT.

NEW KASUTO - Hidden within a forest behind a large mountainous range lies the town of New Kasuto. After Old Kasuto was ravaged by monstors, the villagers had to flee. This town houses the Magic Key and the wizard here gives the magic of SPELL.

OLD KASUTO - A ghost town. Completely destroyed and uninhabited by nothing but ghosts....and one surviving wizard. This wizard grants the most powerful magic in the game.....THUNDER.

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