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Like all Zelda games, this one has its share of useful items and of course, heart containers. One of the big additions to this game is the ability to use spells. This of course brings another item into play...magic containers. Here's the low down on all the items in Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.

Heart Container Locations

Heart Container #1 - This one is south of Parapa Palace (the first level). Just go into the little patch of woods, beat the Goriya and take your heart!

Heart Container #2 - After you've gotten the hammer, go to the cave that's blocked off by a large boulder east of the Swamp Palace (level 2). At the end of the cave, there's a heart container.

Heart Container #3 - After you've gotten the boots, make your way towards level 5 across the ocean. About half way there, walk up and to the right. Right above level 5 you'll end up in a side-scrolling screen where there's a heart container.

Heart Container #4 - Go east of Triple Eye Rock (where level 6 is) and walk along the beach. You'll find a side-scroll area where you'll find your final heart container.

Magic Container Locations

Magic Container #1 - You can get this one right at the start of the game. Just go south and a little to the left along the mountains. There should be a cave and within it, your first magic container.

Magic Container #2 - After you get the hammer, destroy the rock that's sitting right besides the cave where you got the hammer. You'll drop right down on your second magic container.

Magic Container #3 - On maze island en route to level 4, go to the left most portion of the island. There should be a little vertical path. In the middle of it, you should fall down into a cave where you'll find magic container #3.

Magic Container #4 - Only after retrieving the previous 3 magic containers can you get this last one. See an old woman in blue at New Kasuto village (the hidden one). She let you in her house where you'll find your final container.

Dungeon and Town Items

candleThe Candle - Found in Parapa Palace. It lights up dark caves. Power GloveThe Power Glove - Found in the Swamp Palace. This lets you break rocks in dungeons.
BootsThe Boots - Found in the Maze Palace. These allow you to walk on water. The RaftThe Raft - Found in the Island Palace. This allows you to sail over the water.
The FluteThe Flute - Found in the Ocean Palace. This kills that creature blocking the way to level 6. It also makes level 6 appear at Triple Eye Rock. The CrossThe Cross - Found in Level 6. This item allows Link to see hidden foes (Mainly the Moa's... the one-eyed flying creatures).
The HammerThe Hammer - Very useful tool found at the bottom of Death Mountain. This is used to break rocks and patches of forest. Magic KeyThe Magic Key - Found in New Kasuto. This allows you to open all locked doors.
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