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Link's Items

Courage can only get Link so far. For Link to make it through his quest, he needs a little help. Lucky for him, there's plenty of items to aid him through...

Special Items

ringThe Ring - There are two rings to be found in Zelda 1, a blue one and a red one. Both of these rings increase Links defense power. The blue ring can be bought from a hidden shop near the giant lake in the middle of Hyrule. From start off area, go up, left, left, left, up, up, up to reach the area. Push the guard statues until you find the right one. A stairway should appear under one of them. The red ring can be found in Ganon's layer (Level 9).

letterThe Letter - The letter is needed to be able to buy potions from the old witch near the start of the game. From the start off area go right(4x), up(5x), right(2x), up, right, and up. There you'll find a cave where an old man will give you the letter.

braceletThe Power Bracelet - The power bracelet is a fairly useful tool which allows Link to push large rocks opening up some secret areas. The bracelet is located east of the graveyard. To get there from the graveyard, go right(2x), then go up the right-most ladder, and to the right once more. Just like the blue ring, you must push the guard statues aside and under one of them is the power bracelet.

white swordThe White Sword - The white sword is the first attack power up you get in the game. Before you can take it however, you must have at least 5 total heart containers. To find it from the start off area, go right, up(5x), left, up, right(3x), and up. There should be a cave where an old man keeps the sword.

magic shieldThe Magic Shield - The magic shield isn't all too difficult to find, just about every shop in the game has one available to buy. The magic shield is useful for blocking fireballs and other such projectiles.

magic swordThe Magic Sword - This is the most powerful sword in the game. Before you can take this grand item, you must have at least 12 heart containers. The magic sword can be found in the graveyard. The only tricky part to getting there is going through the lost woods. The direction sequence to get through is: up, left, down, left. From there you just go up and there's the graveyard. Push the tombstones until you find a staircase leading to an old man with the magic sword.

heartHeart Containers - The one constant in all Zelda games....heart containers. You get one of these every time you clear a dungeon. There are also five hidden ones.

bullet First One - From the start area go right, up(3x), left. Burn one of the bushes with the candle to find the stairway leading to the heart.
bullet Second One - From the start area go right(4x). Bomb a part of the wall to find a cave leading to the heart.
bullet Third One - From the start area go right(4x), up(5x), and right again. Just like the second, you must bomb a part of the wall to reveal the cave leading to the heart.
bullet Fourth One - This heart is located on the east most part of hyrule....all the way east. As far east as you can go until you hit the waters edge. On one of the screen areas, there should be a heart on a dock. Use the ladder to get it.
bullet Fifth One - From the start area, this heart is located 8 screens to the right and 5 screens up. Use the raft to go to a small island where the heart is located.

The Dungeon Items

bookMagic Book
magickeyMagic Key
magicrodMagic Rod

Other Items

arrowArrow baitBait bombBomb
clockClock keyKey potionPotion
rupiesRupies triforceTriforce
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