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Plunder the Great Sea...

There's a zillion things to find and to throughout the islands of the Great Sea. This is just an outline of the islands. This map will be used throughout the section when it's finished (excuse the poor graphic...I just freehanded it quick to get something up).

Great Sea

1G - Foresaken Fortress
1F - Four-Eye Reef
1E - Western Fairy Island
1D - Three-Eye Reef
1C - Needle Rock Isle
1B - Diamond Steppe Island
1A - Horseshoe Island

2G - Star Island
2F - Mother & Child Isles
2E - Rock Spire Isle
2D - Greatfish Isle
2C - Islet of Steel
2B - Five-Eye Reef
2A - Outset Island

3G - Northern Fairy Island
3F - Spectacle Island
3E - Tingle Island
3D - Cyclops Reef
3C - Stone Watcher Island
3B - Shark Island
3A - Headstone Island

4G - Gale Isle
4F - Windfall Island
4E - Northern Triangle Isle
4D - Six-Eye Reef
4C - Southern Triangle Isle
4B - Southern Fairy Island
4A - Two-Eye Reef

great sea map
5G - Crescent Moon Island
5F - Pawprint Isle
5E - Eastern Fairy Island
5D - Tower of the Gods
5C - Private Oasis
5B - Ice Ring Isle
5A - Angular Isles
6G - Seven-Star Isles
6F - Dragon Roost Island
6E - Fire Mountain
6D - Eastern Triangle Island
6C - Bomb Island
6B - Forest Haven
6A - Boating Course
7G - Overlook Island
7F - Flight Control Platform
7E - Star Belt Archipelago
7D - Thorned Fairy Island
7C - Bird's Peak Rock
7B - Cliff Plateau Isles
7A - Five-Star Isles
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