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Immediately following the epic adventure of "Ocarina of Time" comes a new and difficult quest for Link. If you follow the legend chronologically, this is actually the second adventure in the series. Majora's Mask is probably the most difficult in the series to finish as it tests your mind to the max. Many intricate puzzles to solve along with it's many intriguing features make Majora's Mask one of the greatest adventure games ever made.


As the story of Ocarina of Time closes, Link is sent back in time by Princess Zelda to his childhood. With Ganondorf sealed away in the Golden Land, Link travels around seeking new adventure. One day as he and Epona are trotting through the woods, they come upon two mischievous fairies who knock Link to the ground, rendering him unconscious. A Skull kid with a strange mask approaches and steals the Ocarina of Time from Link. The Skull kid then evades Link and rides Epona off into the darkness. Link gives chase and falls into a deep hole. When he finally hits bottom, the Skull kid is there waiting. He then turns Link into a Deku scrub and disappears. Link as the Deku scrub gives chase and finds the Happy Mask Trader. The Trader tells Link he will change him back to his original form if Link can retrieve the Ocarina and one of his masks from the Skull kid in three days. At the same time, an ominous moon slowly decends upon the world. And so....Link begins his newest quest in the land of Termina....

Here are sections on some of the more difficult challenges in Majora's Mask
Heart Container Locations
24 Masks of Majora
Bottle Locations
Keaton's Quiz

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