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This Should Answer Any Questions You May Have

1. Are re-applications allowed? How are they handled and what are the rules?

Re-applications are allowed for all non-winners after a 60 day period.

2. What are the AS! Hall of Honor point values for past awards?

I got this question a lot under my old system, so this is here to clear the air. Based on their system, this is how I'd interpret my awards to fit.

  • Aug. 1999-Dec. 1999: Gold (1.00), Silver (0.50), Bronze (0.33), Fun Site (0.25)
  • Jan. 2000-Aug. 2000: Gold (1.00), Silver (0.50), Bronze (0.33), Fun Site (0.25)
  • Sept. 2000-July 2002: Overall Excellence (1.00), Resource/Creative/Fun Site Excellence (0.50), Design of Elegance (0.50), All Merit Awards (0.33)
  • Aug. 2002-present: Excellence Award (1.00), Design of Elegance/Excellence (0.50), Great Site Award (0.50)

3. Is it necessary to link the awards back? Why or why not?

It used to be, but not anymore. Most people who win awards are nice enough to link back anyway, so I don't think I need to press that issue. If you choose to link the award back to me, please link it to:

4. How long until I can expect a reply? Are non-winners contacted?

Winners will be contacted 2-4 weeks after submission. Non-winners are not contacted.

5. I won the award, why isn't my site on the winner's list?

There are two requirements that must be fulfilled in order to be added to the winners list. First, you must display the award graphic. Second, you must e-mail me back after you've displayed it.

6. What do I do if my e-mail doesn't accept attachments and/or HTML mail?

Simply state that in the "description" area of the form and I'll arrange a place for you to download the award.

7. Does signing the guestbook have any bearing on the chances of winning?

Absolutely, positively NOT!! These awards are legitimate and are earned only on a site's merits. Sign-ins are appreciated and will be returned, but nothing more in relation to this program.

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