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U.S.  FlagWelcome all to the personal homepage with a twist of everything! As you may have noticed already, this is not your average, everyday personal homepage or single topic site. What this site is, is a reflection of the webmaster who created it and his interests. Only partly a vanity site however, as Spiffy Entertainment gives you an overall experience with it's many diverse areas. Why don't I just stick to one topic? Because I wanted to make a site that anyone and everyone can enjoy. With so many areas, I'm confident that all of my visitors will find at least one section they'll enjoy checking out. Not only that, but I'm an advocate of variety, so it's only natural my site follows suit.

On the technical side, all the graphic design and such here I made myself. This site is optimized for 800x600 resolution (looks ok in 1024x768 too) and true color (24 bit or higher). Thankfully browsers these days are all pretty much uniform in how they display pages, so all should be good with any browser. And that's pretty much it! I hope you find this site enjoyable! Any comments can go to the guestbook.

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244 Awards!! Over 200 prestigious accolades and still going strong! Thanks to all those who've visited and awarded my site! Your recognition and especially your comments are a major driving force behind my creativity. I've also acquired a few gifts & prizes. Click here to view.


Site Established: April 20, 1999


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